Mike Portnoy Rips Fan for Showing Up to Signing With Mangini-Era Dream Theater T-Shirt

artist: Mike Portnoy date: 07/28/2014 category: music news
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Mike Portnoy Rips Fan for Showing Up to Signing With Mangini-Era Dream Theater T-Shirt
Showing up for for a Mike Portnoy meet-and-greet wearing a Mike Mangini-era Dream Theater t-shirt might seem like a bit of a careless thing to do, and that's exactly what a certain fan did last Saturday (July 26).

Seeing that this info made the news, it's apparent that Portnoy issued a somewhat steaming reaction about it, sharing the following post about the Winery Dogs in-store signing in New York:

"Somebody came to my signing today wearing a 'Dramatic Turn of Events' shirt... Really?! Couldn't find a DT shirt from 1985-2010? Please try to use some sensibility/sensitivity when choosing a shirt for an MP event."

Adding in a separate status, which was subsequently deleted along with the first post, Mike noted, "Sad I can't post anything on my own FB and Twitter without getting everyone jumping down my throat. Seems everyone's allowed an opinion but me."

Finally, Portnoy shared a more detailed explanation, bashing media about sensationalizing his initial comment.

"Once again everyone's got their panties in a bundle and have taken a post of mine and turned it into sensationalized 'news' ... ugh! Look ... it's as simple as this: do what you want, say what you want, listen to what you want, wear whatever shirt you want ... it's a free world! All I'm saying is remember there are human beings on the other side of your words and actions!

"I'm into peace, love and understanding ... live and let live ... sometimes we all get emotional, I am totally guilty of that, no question! I am a passionate person ... But I have no ill intent towards anybody and have no anger or resentments, so please don't attack me as if I do ... Can't we all get along? Haha ... Lighten up, live and love!" the drummer concluded with a smiley face.

As shown in the embedded post below, Mike responded to a few fan comments, showing most affection towards a Jack Nicholson photo, which really describes the situation at least somewhat accurately.

To round it up with some actual music news, the Winery Dogs have confirmed being set to hit the studio in the near future. As reported, the new record should be out sometime during next year. More info here.

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