Minecraft Creator Buys Rare Aphex Twin Vinyl for Over $46,000

"So I kinda paid a lot for a double LP from the '90s," says Markus Persson.

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As the web was recently shook by the $46,300 sale of test pressing of Aphex Twin's "Caustic Window," it has now turned out that the buyer is none-other than Markus Persson, the creator of massively-popular "Minecraft."

As Factmag reports, the initial fundraiser for the album's release has gathered $67,424, just to have over 100 people bid on it on eBay.

"So I kinda paid a lot for a double LP from the '90s," Persson tweeted soon after the purchase.

So I kinda paid a lot for a double LP from the '90s..

- Markus Persson (@notch) June 23, 2014

"He's a really cool guy, and didn’t even consider the charity aspect when buying it (but was really happy to hear that half is going to charity) - he's been an Aphex fan since he was young," James "Joyrex" Thomas, the man behind the original Kickstarter campaign, stated. "My daughter was blown away that the guy who made the game she endlessly plays bought a record off her dad for 46k."

The album can be streamed below, make sure to give it a listen and let us know if it's worth the figure.

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    He made all that money from a good game, so why not indulge once in a while? Glad it went to someone like Notch, at least he won't hide it away somewhere.
    Why would people care what he does with his money anyway, it's his money. You want people stepping in your life telling you what to do with your money?
    Sewage Rat
    'good game'....lemme stop you right there
    I'm with you, apparently a lot of people are into killing lots of time for very little progress. My wife loves Minecraft, I hate it because it's a giant time wasting chore with no reward. I'd also like to counter any happy wife insinuations cause she just plays the game till she passes out.
    It's because Minecraft is so expansive and dynamic that it puts players in a virtual Skinner Box which many people will actually call home.
    Well it is kind of f***ed... But I don't see anything wrong with virtual lego... It's been a while since I've played it though... I got into a phase of it's 2D side-scroller... Both of them have their pros and cons but so what's the point of b****in about how s****y they are...
    Unfortunately the guy is a complete douche and is currently about to kill that game he made by forcing private servers to no longer be able to monetize effectively virtually eradicating private servers and destroying the community.
    Really? I think most parts of the community are allright with the current changes. There will still be private servers. All that will be eradicated are the pay-to-win servers. And I'm perfectly fine with that.
    If you think that removing pay-to-win is somehow going to keep your private servers running you are mistaken. Especially mini-game servers, they're removing the way they allow access, going to be a dark day in a few months when all the major servers shut down and everyone goes wtf?
    Correct me if I'm wrong since I don't play Minecraft but isn't the game run entirely by Mojang now so Notch could work on other stuff? I don't believe he had anything to do with the new change.
    Not true. They're introducing their own server system to work alongside the private ones.
    "Mr. Twin stated" Haha, I find that much funnier than I dare to admit.
    I think they changed it to Mr. Persson, which makes absolutely no sense. Good on you, UG. Best music comedy site in all the land.
    It's ridiculous how bad they are at reporting things. Maybe they should just start screenshotting their sources.
    I wish i had that kind of money to spend on music
    If you were rich, would you really buy a single record for $46,300? I hope not, how ridiculous. Does it sound better than a regular one? I doubt it.
    I'm confused, who is the non-tweet quote supposed to be attributed to? It reads like the buyer is quoted as saying essentially he bought it from himself. Is that supposed to be Aphex Twin's statement? Also, listening now, so far this is some great stuff.
    Don't forget that we have a UG minecraft thread and UG minecraft server on here ^-^ much fun verry.
    great record. kind of a cross between other caustic window stuff and his ambient work.
    Only in day and age would somebody pay that kind of money for basically garbage. No real music or instruments here, Just a keyboard or a computer doing what the Moog Synthesizer did 20 year before. The only difference was with the Moog there were actual musicians involved that could write melody and play it live. Dude ripped himself off big time...
    If you don't like the music, fine. However, I don't see why anyone would care how the music itself is made. All a guitar does is offer a way to generate sound, just like a computer program or keyboard. Who cares if it can be played live or not? I didn't realize that playing an instrument was a sport.
    I'd like to see an "actual musician" make the sounds that Richard D. James creates on his records. There's so much melody going on here that you can't even wrap your head around it.
    seriously he paid that much money for something like this i mean yeah its taste but man this song has only a single beat and just repeats it self
    Richard D. James (aka Aphex Twin) stated. "My daughter was blown away that the guy who made the game she endlessly plays bought a record off her dad for 46k." It was not Richard D. James (aka Aphex Twin) who said that, u got that wrong UG.
    It would be cool if he gets the permission to use the tracks from the LP in the game.
    With you. Also holy hell people get opinionated easily here. I enjoy Minecraft and I got nothing against Aphex Twin.
    The article is a bit confusing, this album is pretty good so far but not sure if I would pay 46K for it.