Ministry Frontman: 'Kerry King Is a Douchebag'

Al Jourgensen recounts hostile encounter in new interview.

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In an interview with the Gauntlet, Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen has stated that Slayer guitarist Kerry King is a douchebag.

The comments come after an encounter with the singer had with King in Ministry's dressing room, where the guitarist told him that the band sucked:

"Well, he came back stage after we played at Disney World at the House of Blues ... he came back stage, drank our beer, ate our food, and then told me that Mikey [Scaccia] is a shitty guitar player and that we sucked, and that well never be Slayer ... and that we shouldn't try. I mean, what a douchebag, to come back to somebody's dressing room, drink their beer, eat their food and then tell them that they're a bunch of douchebags. Why would you want to go back there unless you are an asshole?"

While Jourgensen notes that he doesn't have a problem with the rest of the band, and that he is friends with former drummer Dave Lombardo, he states that Kerry King is egocentric:

"What kind of egocentric thinking is going on in that person's mind? Especially Mike Scaccia who is one of the greatest guitar players of all time... Unbiasedly, if you listen to his work you cannot say he's not in the top five."

Ministry's final album will be released in September 2013. The record features the final recordings from Mike Saccia, who died a of heart attack in December of last year.

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    Way Cool JR.
    I can guarantee you that Hanneman would've never done anything like that.
    m4ss3 m/
    How can Kerry King say something like that when it's as well known fact that his soloing sucks as hard as Lars' drumming?
    Mike Scaccia in the top 5 of all time? Absolutely not. He's a damn good player, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. All that aside, I do love some Ministry. And yes, Kerry King is a colossal douche. In other news, the sky is blue and gas prices are going up.
    of the guitarist that rank ahead of him..hmmm..Satraini would be one. I'd say Randy Rhoads cause I love Randy..But no I used to watch Mike play in rigor mortis. not the ministry stuff. He never really ripped on their stuff. I would put Mike over Dimebag seriously. I grew up in Dallas. Kerry King is not even on a wart on either's ass. Not saying this to dish dime because he was badass..But I just connected with Mike/ Now I like Pantera as a band more.much better vocals riffs..But lead wise Mike had a drill motor for a right hand. I believe that he was the greatest thrash metal guitarist of all time. Give me names of who is better thrash metal guitarist then go watch Rigor Mortis "Re-animator" those chimes lol..he was a monster guitarist.
    met kerry king in person at a georges music store. he was a major *****. didnt even acknowledge anyone and when he did sounded like a total *****. i met dave lombardo the same day at a music school (they did the signings 15 mins away from each other with an hour apart) and he was the nicest musician you could talk to. he talked he seemed interested in the fans and when i explained how kerry king sounded like an ***** he pulled a 6 pack of beer from under the autograph table and said "probably because he forgot this". ill never support kerry kings work. dave lombardo's the better person in the band. and i bet al jourgensen is the same way.
    I'm just imagining Kerry with a beer in his hand, mouth stuffed with their food, saying "you know, you guys ****ing suck *crunch*" What an ass.
    "they are responsible for Industrial metal, those faggots put the Synth, sampler and drum machine in metal, you can't do that! whammy bar is an instrument! Get a real drummer you goths!." - sounds like something Kerry would say especially after his butthurt over Machine Head's supercharger.
    ROFL seriously. I guess to Kerry unless you have fast chugs and solos in all your songs your music is trash.
    Kerry is really becoming an *****. With out Hanneman, Slayer wouldn't have been half what they became. King isn't even that great a player. It was Jeff that carried the guitar load in that band and King should feel privileged to have stood on the same stage. What a pompous piece of shit he has become. Maybe he should stick to making commercials with other douchebags.
    I think Kerry King should listen the latter albums by Ministry and see which one does suck..
    All of them suck compared to the '88-'92 trilogy (The Land of Rape and Honey, Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste, Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed to Succeed or the Way to Suck Eggs), once Paul Barker left things went downhill. It's only acceptable to make three records bashing a person if they killed your family. After one anti-Dubya record it gets old especially since every other band on earth was doing the same thing at the time. Musically those albums are good but vocally it's like a really boring triple LP. Ministry was much better as an Industrial Metal outfit than trying to be thrash, especially at a time when thrash is one of the most played out metal genres.
    *Cough* Relapse *Cough* On an unrelated note, once Tommy Victor joined things went downhill quick.
    Everyday I find out something new about this guy, what a ****head. like literally, his head is ****ed with all those dumb looking tattoos and he's got the ego of your typical teenage disney cheerleader
    Slayer is probably better, but at least we have Ministry, too.
    Kerry King just has the balls to speak the truth. Ministry does suck! Hopefully this "last"album means the last of them as well.
    Kerry King speaking the truth ? It would sound like this : "I love how much coin I'm making since album sale's went through the roof after Jeff passed . Could I boost it by knocking off Tom Too?"
    Dude, if you think a band sucks, you don't go backstage, eat and drink with them, and THEN tell them they suck. You'd have to be an absolute moron to do something like that. I don't like Ministry, but I'm not going to try to go backstage and have a beer with them...
    Kerry King is a businessman, get over it. Just stop going to his concerts or buy his music if you don't approve&support what he's doing.