Ministry Frontman: 'Kerry King Is a Douchebag'

artist: Ministry date: 07/25/2013 category: music news
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Ministry Frontman: 'Kerry King Is a Douchebag'
In an interview with the Gauntlet, Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen has stated that Slayer guitarist Kerry King is a douchebag.

The comments come after an encounter with the singer had with King in Ministry's dressing room, where the guitarist told him that the band sucked:

"Well, he came back stage after we played at Disney World at the House of Blues ... he came back stage, drank our beer, ate our food, and then told me that Mikey [Scaccia] is a shitty guitar player and that we sucked, and that well never be Slayer ... and that we shouldn't try. I mean, what a douchebag, to come back to somebody's dressing room, drink their beer, eat their food and then tell them that they're a bunch of douchebags. Why would you want to go back there unless you are an asshole?"

While Jourgensen notes that he doesn't have a problem with the rest of the band, and that he is friends with former drummer Dave Lombardo, he states that Kerry King is egocentric:

"What kind of egocentric thinking is going on in that person's mind? Especially Mike Scaccia who is one of the greatest guitar players of all time... Unbiasedly, if you listen to his work you cannot say he's not in the top five."

Ministry's final album will be released in September 2013. The record features the final recordings from Mike Saccia, who died a of heart attack in December of last year.
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