Misery Signals: New Track Featuring Fall Out Boy Vocals Available

artist: Misery Signals date: 08/16/2006 category: music news

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Misery Signals have posted a new track and the first video, from their upcoming sophomore record for Ferret. This is their first recording with recently added vocalist Karl Schubach who replaces founding member Jesse Zaraska. They had this to say about the album: "This is our heaviest material to date but still more atmospheric than our first album. There is more of a focus on heaviness as a vibe than the jumpiness of our old songs which shifted quite a bit. " The band has also posted a track "One Day I'll Stay Home" which is available on their myspace page. The track features guest vocals from Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy. The record, Mirrors, is due out August 22nd. The group released Of Malice and the Magnum Heart, also on Ferret, in 2004.
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