Missing Pirate Bay Founder Arrested In Cambodia

He's been on the run since last year, but cops finally caught up with him by a river in Cambodia. Sources say he's been seriously ill, but now faces extradition to Sweden to face justice for copyright crimes.

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The founder of filesharing site The Pirate Bay has been arrested in the Cambodian capital of Phnom after spending months on the run.

Gottfrid Svartholm had been found guilty of copyright crimes, and was supposed to start a one-year jail sentence on January 2, 2012 alongside three other co-founders of the controversial website.

His arrest was made at the request of the Swedish government for a crime related to information technology, confirmed a police spokesperson.

There is no extradition treaty between Cambodia and Sweden, though it is presumed that he will eventually be transferred to his home country to face justice.

He was arrested in an apartment above a bar on the riverfront, according to Torrent Freak. Svartholm had been battling poor health during his trial which made him absent from at least one early hearing, but failed to show up to another which prompted the court to finalize his fine of $1.1 million and one-year jail sentence. He had an opportunity to return before January 2 and serve his jail time, but failed to appear.

Now he must wait to see if and how he is returned - though he might be longing for a Swedish prison now he's seen behind bars in Cambodia.

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    If everyone that regularly used TPB chipped in 10cents, he'd have enough to pay his fine and then some.
    Thats actually a really great idea. If someone started that, I'd pay. I always download my music legally but TPB is where I get shows and movies.
    I don't steal music, but i do steal the more expensive stuff! I'm OK!
    I'd pay too. I found quite a few of my favourite bands through TPB. Well deserved medal, Mr. Ibanez.
    how do I do it? and make sure its going to the right place? would currency be an issue? ill give 10$ ..would we beheld as an accomplice for helping him lol..
    Pirates haven't really hurt the music and film industries. Which explains why we have new movies and new songs and albums almost every day of the week. Props to Paulo Coelho (and others if any) who actually embraces this method of sharing his work and other works.
    I give all my music away too. 3 albums worth so far. No point trying to fight the internet. People view free as "stealing money" as opposed to "giving music to a wider audience that can't always afford $15 a pop for CD's." There's a plus side to everything, people just need to accept it. That's why there's LIVE shows to make money at.
    People will never cease to try to justify stealing music. The fact is, the music is being sold on iTunes or whatever else for money. You are taking it from another site without paying for it. That's stealing, my friend.
    Ummm... no. You're not taking it. You're copying it. Stealing is depriving someone else of property on a continual basis.
    To Steal- to appropriate (ideas, credit, words, etc.) without right or acknowledgment
    "steal/stēl/ Verb: Take (another person's property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it: "thieves stole her bicycle"." The music is the company's property, you're taking it without permission or legal right. It's stealing, none of this "oh it's not stealing, it's copying" bullshit, it is stealing. That said, yes I torrent.
    So what if you have like 10-15 friends who want an album you paid for? You just go to their house and put it on their PC, or burn them a copy. Wouldn't that also be depriving them of money as well? The concept seems the same to me, so should they outlaw burning cds or giving the music to your friends as well? I think it's stupid. If someone wants it bad enough, they'll find a way to get it. Torrenting or by other means.
    A farmer sells milk on a stand beside the road so that he can support his family. Someone comes along, continually steals and copies his milk, opens up a stand beside him, and gives it away for free. The people, obviously, does not buy from the farmer but takes the free milk instead. Eventually the farmer has no money to fund his work and is forced to close and unable to produce any more milk.
    Yes but what if the farmer sells his milk in a really nice bottle that's useful and looks good. While the copycat just pours it into whatever container the customers have with them. Then you'll still get a percentage of customers who'll opt for the farmer's milk first time round, and others who'll choose it after trying the copycat's milk because they want it in a nice convieniant bottle. Then the farmer still has a functioning albeit smaller business, and can increase upon it by offering the milk in diffent types of attractive containers, or maybe selling flavoured milk.
    Milk is different to a music torrent. Online music is a public good - one person's enjoyment of it does not diminish another's. It also makes no difference whether 10 or 10,000,000 people download it. So thats why I say, download as much shit as possible!!! Lets spend our money on shows and giving bands money that way. I'd happily pay over $100 to see bands in my town, but stuff paying for something I can get for free.
    What happens if I buy an album on eBay, choppy it to iTunes, then resell the album on eBay?
    Illegal. Owning the CD gives you the right of ownership of the music files on your computer. Selling the CD effectively sells your right of ownership as well.
    The thing is I'm not ripping hardly any money from a band if i pirate their album. I'm taking away corporate profits. Labels only exist these days to profit off of musicians. Back before the internet they were basically a necessity. Now with youtube, Facebook, Myspace, and the like you dont need a label to get your music out there. Also when you buy a 16 dollar cd only 25 cents at the most makes it to the band members. If the cd sells 16 million copies then only 250,000 dollars goes to the band. that sounds like alot of money. but with a 5 member act that's only 50000 a piece. They still have to pay thier managment fees and anyother business related fees out of that (not to mention income tax). When you break down the price of a cd half of the money goes to the RIAA. When I was a kid a cd cost 10 bucks at the most. Now the price is doubled just because Metallica threw a fit and shut down Napster in the late nineties and piracy was suddenly under the radar, Mind you I do agree with their reasons. They didnt care about people pirating the black album or ride the lightening. They found unfinished work leaked off of one of their studio computers. It wasnt finished and they didnt want their fans to hear it that way. Basically my point is we're not "stealing" money from the artists, just the greedy bastards who jack up the prices of their cd's. If you want to support the musicians go to their concerts. get a t shirt, get a poster, a wristband, something from their booth. Buying their cd barely helps them.
    It's also been proven that most people that illegally download music are just testing. If they like it they will go out and buy it. People like having "things." I download music, but Over the years I replace all of my downloads with the real thing. I like having the art, being able to display it. I cant take my pirated music everywhere. I can take a binder of cds in my car. I own over five hundred albums on cd and two hundred vinyl albums. It's a small amount of pirates who dont use it to test. There are plenty of albums I wouldnt have bought if it werent for TPB. There's a small handful of albums that I didnt buy. If i had paid money for those I wouldve been PI**ED. Most recently Push and Shove by No Doubt. I love all of their other music, but i was appalled at how that album sounds.
    Pirating hasn't hurt film and music creation but it has definitely harmed the industries. There's truly no argument there.
    Am I the only one that still buys album CD's..?
    I buy them as well, although not of recently since I play a relatively expensive hobby.
    every since I got out on my own I haven't bought but maybe 5 cds in 7 years..before that I probably bought atleast 4-5 a month as a kid (even with napster, cause it took like a week and a half to make a cd with 56k. LOL). i still love music listen to it all day so it has nothing to do with that its just a money thing.
    I'd like to thank this guy for his work with TPB, and the wonderful times I've had reliving my youth by watching Justice League the series, and multiple Batman feature length animations. Thanks pal!
    No man, this guy is our leader **** that shit. Giving us free content since 2003 I think. Fuck shitty 900 dollars program Pirate Bay FTW damnit
    I have something like 100 cd's at the moment. Without piratebay. I would have ONE( 1 ). Thanks to piratebay i found so many good bands to listen to. It also made me a person who just needs the physical copy of it.
    I could understand running if he was getting huge time, but a year? That's only making things worse for yourself.
    Downloading music doesn't really hurt the bands as much as the record labels. Bands will make more money by people buying shirts and concert tickets, and the more people that hear their music the more people there will be to buy shirts/tickets. I play in a band, I say people can have my music for free if they want because that's the reason I play/write music, for the passion. I prefer cd's myself, but when I walk into an HMV store and see Opeth's Blackwater Park for $27, I don;t blame anyone for going straight to the Pirate Bay
    Pirate bay is what made me, and probably a lot more people, discover so much music and pushed me to buy dozens of CDs... Music industry should be grateful to them!
    Because of this guy, so many people have access to things they otherwise couldn't really afford. I take my hat off to him...
    you kill (figuratively) him, 2 more will take his place. you kill those 2, there will be 4. ffs just give it up and make better alternatives to pirating.
    yeah... free music for all! screw the artists
    love the artist hate the Exec's people who would wipe there ass with music but still make millions off it.
    That is by far the most idiotic ignorant comment i've ever read. For an explanation see my two posts further up the page. Although if your comment was sarcastic, my sincerest apologies.