Mogwai Bash Metallica: 'They're Sh-te, Lars Is Terrible'

"It would be good if they could go back in time to 1989," band adds.

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UK post-rock titans Mogwai are set to perform at this year's Glastonbury festival within the same time slot as metal icons Metallica, the band they're not exactly too fond of.

Chatting with Gigwise, multi-instrumentalist Barry Burns kicked off by ripping drummer Lars Ulrich, saying, "I can't wait to hear that guy play the drums again - unbelievably bad. He's terrible."

Singer Stuart Braithwaite wasn't up for bashing that much, saying, "I just can't wait until we go all quiet and you can hear 'Enter Sandman' in the background, because we're on at the same time. I don't really see the fuss. They're a pretty big rock band and it's a pretty big rock festival.

"It would be good if they could go back in time to 1989. Metallica at Glastonbury in 1989," the vocalist added.

Finally, addressing the controversy of Metallica's Glasto booking, drummer Martin Bulloch briefly noted, "Because they're sh-te."

Glastonbury 2014 is set to take place from June 25 to 29. The response to Metallica booking so far has been different, going from full-on support to massive confusion.

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    What a bunch of bitter c*nts. It's easy to see why Bruce Dickinson's so hell bent on staying away from Glastonbury.
    I'm not even gonna waste my thoughts or time on bashing these dumb f_uckss. How in the living hell is Mogwai anyway?
    Mogwai is an excellent band, if you haven't heard of their music I'd highly recommend "Mr. Beast" - great album. Burns is absolutely right... Metallica haven't been great since, yeah, about 1989 and Lars Ulrich is one of the luckiest, most overrated, overpaid barely competent musicians on the planet.
    Cant agree with that.. Lars drumming has brought all the power to Metallica...yea he might not be the best, but you cant say he didnt have impact in the band...he is an ass though....but Lars aside, Mr. Beast+Blunt=Spiritual Transcendence
    Read the "Enter Night" biography. It seems the band were thinking of ousting Lars way back 'cause he sucked. I have yet to see a live version of Creeping Death that is remotely in time.
    Yeah, and while you're at it, kick out that Hammett guy because he sucks, too. I can't believe someone like John Petrucci states him as an idol of his. Petrucci could play Hammett's solos blindfolded on a ukulele stringed upside down and it would still sound better.
    Imagine a young Chris Broderick in 'Tallica way back now that would've been cool.
    Every one of us is a great drummer that can bring power to a band... when we are in a studio. When performing live, Lars never uses double bass on any song. Lars hardly keeps time when performing as well. Have you watched any of their videos of them recording? Lars simply takes the best cut of a bar, and then has the producer ctrl+c and ctrl+v the bit over the rest.
    There's video from behind lars kit that show hims doing double bass live. So that rumor is out the window. And if you weren't aware. Just about every band in this current generation copies and pastes he best takes. Just because they don't show it in their studio footage doesn't mean it didn't happen. It's the digital age of recording, and bad takes don't cut it.
    Fuc-king fagg0ts, mogwai? never heard of them, but they sound like some form of indie pop shit, or in other words, some samish band that love taking di-ck up their arses in return for money and wank music
    wtf is post rock anyway?
    That's a good question, "post" means after, doesn't it? Like post-punk? Except that made sense, post-punk was in the early 80s, where punk rock ended... but rock still exists... despite all the "rock is dead" bollocks... Genres confuse the living shit out of me.
    Punk Rock is still going though, just not in the form that most people would recognise it in, Post-Punk also still exists in the form of revival bands. "Post" generally implies that they're pushing beyond the boundaries of a genre of music whilst taking influence from the music they came from. A good definition of Post-Rock is "an umbrella term to describe the mostly instrumental music genre that uses rock instrumentation but disregards typical “rock” song structure"
    Post-rock has been around for at least 20 years and it's actually been pretty prevalent since the late 90's. Explosions in the Sky, Pelican or Mogwai are pretty good bands to check it out if you're new to the genre. Some of it's really boring but some of it's pretty great.
    Wikipedia definition: "a subgenre of rock music characterized by the influence and use of instruments commonly associated with rock, but using rhythms and "guitars as facilitators of timbre and textures" not traditionally found in rock". Normal definition: Rock music played by pretentious hipsters with A-levels in music who think Rock music is beneath them
    I love how there are so much people that hate Metallica, they know everything about them, Lars is the worst drummer, and everything they say...that's so old! You know what? Keep bashing on them! Nobody cares! Who the **** are Mogwai anyway to tell Metallica are shit? Wait... what the **** is Mogwai??? It just bugs me because alot of people don't know shit about Metallica but speak as if they knew anything...
    I love Mogwai to death, but it's pretty immature to bash other musicians. Didn't expect them to say this.
    Waiting for M'tallica to react nice and polite and full of compliments about Mogwai.
    It's funny that they talked about Metallica in 1989 because 1989 James Hetfield would respond by calling him a c*nt.
    There is nothing wrong with hating something, countless music fans talk about countless bands in the same way as these guys talk about Metallica. Big wow.
    link no1
    The difference is you would expect a professional band to keep it professional rather than spewing insults about other bands, that in this situation, does nothing more than make them look jealous and bitter that they're sharing stage with a MUCH bigger band than themselves. I'm sure many bands dislike other bands, they just don't go around shouting to the heavens about it. I have no idea who 'Mogwai' are and really don't have the desire to find out.
    It's just two of the band members in-eloquently agreeing that Metallica started sucking in the 90s and that Lars isn't a good drummer, I hate to say something this steriotypical but UG has reached a new low, it seems as though they didn't even give enough of a shit to continue talking about this for length of time it took to read the "article". Me and my bandmates say stuff more newsworthy and offensive in passing on a regular basis as I'm sure anyone does who doesn't have reverse tourrettes.
    "How dare you dislike one of my pet bands? Who the **** are you? Aaaargh" - 99% of the comments on this one.
    and the rest is wondering who the hell mogwai is
    Those who do know them are just shrugging right now - They say a whole lot of things, some things that make sense, some things that are a bit douchy, and some things that are just batshit crazy. As of my experience, most of their fans don't even really care what they have to say anymore, we just appreciate and enjoy the music they create and leave it at that.
    Who the **** are Mogwai?
    Pretty damn popular post-rock band. They released an album somewhat recently.
    You mean popular for a post-rock band? and what is that exactly?
    One of the most well known post-rock bands at least. Over a million listeners on their lastfm page (not a professional statistic but it's something). They're no massive mainstream band but considering I've seen bands like Godspeed mentioned on UG several times I'm surprised at the number of people who've never even heard of Mogwai.
    Flying Afros
    Being on UG, I understand why everyone is jumping on the Mogwai hate band wagon. Some of the worst gatherings of internet commenters in the history of teh internets. Don't know how most people here haven't heard of them. Saw them a few months back and they can get pretty ****ing heavy live. Their shows are so powerful and emotional. The post below me does an awesome job of explaining post-rock to all the ignorant "tallica rulez" douchbags on this site. oh ya, I enjoy listening to both bands BTW.
    I'll take this as a serious question, and give you a proper answer: Post rock is genre that uses instruments and lineups common within rock, but disregards the typical rock-songstructures and textures. The absolute most typical track is one built around quiet arpeggios around simple chord progressions that swell into rousing crescendos. Post rock is a genre that has been popular for quite some time - The probably largest bands within the genre is Sigur Ros, Explosions in the sky, and Godspeed you! Black emperor. Especially Sigur Ros is probably the most commercially succesfull post-rock band to date with millions of records sold and a large part of their albums charting within the top 10. Both Sigur Ros and Explosions in the sky have had their music frequently used in television and films, as post-rock is a often a very cinematic form of music. Post-rock in general has since it's official recognition in the mid-90's managed to gather a very large grassroot-fanbase, with a few like Sigur Ros and EITS reaching mainstream commercial success. Still today the genre is growing, and reaching out to larger audiences.
    so what you are saying is they are trying to invent a new way to count to 4.
    What he's saying is that it's a type of music that doesn't sound anything like regular rock music. The simplest way to put it is saying that it's ambient music made with real instruments instead of electronic instruments.
    wouldn't expect a metallica fan to know good music
    I wouldn't expect a Mogwai fan to know good music. I think somebody else put it best when they said there's nothing wrong with criticizing a band. But when you're a pretty popular band making fun of another pretty popular band, it comes off as unprofessional. And I think Mogwai is also pissed that they are going to be sharing a timeslot with arguably the biggest heavy metal band in the world. To me Mogwai is a band that hates the idea of a big name band and wants Glastonbury to only let relatively obscure bands play at it. And they need to get over themselves.
    Checked the bands on your profile and you've just told a whole lot of them that they're not expected to know good music.
    I just checked out his profile, except for a few (Maiden, QotSA, and Faith No More) he's a total hipster about music. The only bands that can be good are ones who no one has heard about.
    There's only about 3 bands on his list I've never heard of and I wouldn't call any of the ones I recognized hipster bands.
    Eh. He's got some damn good music on there, actually. Many of them are hardly obscure to anybody but the most pedestrian of music fans.
    so you're judging his taste as bad based on the fcat he listens to music you don't know? you're dumb. you could love half the bands he lieks you've just not heard them yet you dolt.
    Concrete Jesus
    Who the hell is that?! Metallica has sold over 20 million albums, Mogwhatever has sold over 20. I don't even know how to say Mogwhatever. Who cares what they say?
    Not a big fan of Metallica, but I listen to Mogwai. I've never known that they are so mean.
    metallideth88 that what you think??? IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK! Know you role and shut your mouth!
    I would upvote this a thousand times if i could. As if UG (of all websites) doesn't even recognise a classic 'the rock' reference!
    It's pretty arrogant to base a band's relevance on whether or not you've heard of them. The sum total of your life experience and knowledge isn't even a drop in the bucket. Bash Mogwai because they said something you disageee with, but writing them off on the basis that you've never heard of them is retarded. Tip: when you base your argument on what you don't know, you look bad.
    I'd love to read a sober critique of the new Mogwai album from a member of Metallica
    Gosh I can't wait to see what Band-calls-other-Band talentless nincompoops headline UG posts next. Maybe we can print this stuff and sell it at the register next to "Kim's secret surgery disaster!" And "Amazing three headed baby!" stories.
    It's a shame people are now going to be turned off by Mogwai because of this, they're a pretty good band.
    This drummer is slagging of Lars Ulrich! Am I picking this up right? The guy who wrote Battery?! Christ, Glasto is a posers paradise
    He's most likely slagging modern Lars off, we all know he isn't as tight as he used to be, even by his own admission. Also, Mogwai doesn't really need technical or intricate drumming, just something to keep the rhythm/groove going. I'm sure he could actually play some technical stuff or even show off, but it's not needed in this kind of band.
    Why would you be sure he can "actually play some technical stuff"?
    It's the age old adages of "just because you can, it doesn't mean you should" and "don't judge a book by it's cover".
    Modern Lars is still better than this guy...Actually Lars in 2014 is almost as good as Lars in 96-99 which is not that far away from 89-93 Lars xD What the hell am I writing just go check the Fryed Ends of Sanity Live Performance and see for yourself.
    link no1
    It could be a shame but I guess any negativity they receive may teach them to be more professional and stop acting like jealous school children.
    I don't care about Metallica enough to know if Lars is (or was) any good but all the raging Metallica fans are incredibly funny.
    It's so cool these days to hate on Metallica. Yeah, it isn't 1989 anymore and they aren't in their prime anymore, but they still put on a good show and seem to be in a much better place on a personal level now. Fuck, until you're mid 50s playing thrash songs you can stfu -- I'm sorry but I'm 29 now and even I have noticed the angst that made me love that music has diminished. I can't imagine what it'll be like in another 20+ years.
    "post-rock titans" haha, better name it properly - shit rock douchebags
    Memory In Death
    Agree about the "douchebags" part, but Post-Rock is pretty cool.
    Agreed, it's actually a pretty interresting genre with some really great bands like Explosions in the sky, Sigur Ros, Godspeed you! Black emperor, Mono, Caspian, God is an astronaut, This will destroy you, Russian Circles, and Mogwai of course. Douchebags they might be, they make some pretty good music, and personally I'm looking forward to seeing them at Roskilde this year.
    You forgot Slint who (I'm sure most people will agree) are way better and far more influential than most post rock bands and certainly Mogwai
    First people are saying they don't know who Kasabian are, and now Mogwai? Americans should learn that music doesn't begin and end with mainstream American rock and metal bands.
    Only so much time in the day, actually. I'll give anyone a chance, but that doesn't mean I'll actually see their name anywhere, especially since no one really tours America anymore except the mainstream pop/rock acts and the old big names that can still fill stadiums. I'm always surprising people with stuff coming out of my radio that no one in my circle of acquaintances has ever heard of.
    Plenty of bands tour America, you just have to look for club shows instead of stadiums or amphitheaters. I feel a little bad about how many good shows you've probably missed with that attitude.
    Second Rate
    It's called facetiousness. We have hipsters in the states too... so of course people have heard of this pretentious pap. However, since your rabid... almost fascistic nationalism over a bland post rock band makes me laugh: "who?"
    I don't see how liking either Kasabian or Mogwai equates to being a hipster, both bands are fairly popular over here in the UK and most likely the rest of Europe. The term hipster in itself is a rather lazy insult, and usually says more about the person using it rather than the person it's being aimed towards. Also, I see nothing fascist, nationalist or even rabid about his comment, he's just saying not everything centers around America.
    I mean yeah, Lars isn't like the GOAT or something but metallica is dope live and the whole by request thing just proves that the setlist isn't something just made to play the same songs over and over again but it actually is what the people want
    Them being Glaswegians I can imagine this having being said just as a laugh and with a fair bit of sarcasm...y'know, just taking the piss because they're on at the same time. These type of things should really be seen/heard instead of read.
    And as far as Lars goes, he himself will tell you he is not an awesome drummer. But he certainly is not BAD. What makes Lars special is the effort he puts in it. Watch virtually any footage of Metallica live and that little dude is busting his balls on the drums. I would MUCH rather have him play in my band (or someone with equal talent AND dedication) than some other drummer who is more proficient, but looks like he is checking his e-mail instead of rocking out when playing live.
    As Lars would put it, he doesn't have to be a great drummer but only good enough to compliment to James' riffage. What truly defines the band's sound is the powerful and percussive riffs of James and not Lars' drumming. IMO, Mogwai's statement shows their utter ignorance. It's barely even considered as criticism. Considering that Metallica has been relevant for over 3 decades gives Mogwai no right to gave them such remark. What a shame.
    I've seen both Metallica and Mogwai live, and I can definitely say that Mogwai were bloody awful! For those of you going to Glasto, stick with the main stage.
    To each their own, but I think Mogwai is one of the best sounding live bands right now. And I've been to about 200 concerts in the last five years...
    Agreed. I saw them headline the pyramid Glasto '99 and they played the arches in Glasgow a few years back. Without all the effects and shit they've got nada.
    I feel sorry for anyone on here who doesn't know Mogwai - they're a brilliant band. Of course, you can argue whether it was necessary to bash Metallica, but why can't musicians express their opinions like everyone else does? I'm pretty sure Metallica can cope with that, right? Now stop the "who?" comments, do yourselves a favour and listen to this:
    It's more that Mogwai made themselves look like douchebags by criticizing Metallica more than anything else. It's WAY they did it. Not really that they are criticizing.
    There are a lot of so-called music fans showing their ignorance here. Firstly to not know what post-rock is yet be a registered member to the greatest music websites in the world strikes me as ridiculous. Secondly, to have never heard of Mogwai regardless of whether or not you know what post-rock is in itself unbelievable. Some people need to realise that there is more to rock than metal and just because a band is not a global big name does not mean they are not a "big band". Mogwai are a massive band, steeped in history and hugely influential to so many other bands starting out today. No, they shouldn't be whining about Metallica, whether or not they think the latter are shit is irrelevant, but then they have always been a bunch of angry gentlemen. Metallica fans getting pissed at Mogwai fans for calling Metallica shit and Mogwai fans pissed at Metallica fans for calling Mogwai shit. You're all the same. Nobody cares. Both bands are amazing.
    I suspect that 75% of the "who?" comments are jokes. Mogwai is good. Metallica is good. Why does one band need to bash the other? That's all.
    Been a metal fan for as long as I've been a music fan. Would see Mogwai instead of Metallica these days, they aren't even a very good live band any more. Poor tone, average performances, cliche and over done crowd interactions.
    Total bullshit, saw them at Download 2 years ago and they destroyed every other band.
    I was there too and they most certainly didn't. Refused, Devin Townsend, Opeth and Soundgarden all shat on them well and truly.
    I saw them aswell but no way they were better than every other band. They were good but not exactly amazing.
    say watever you want about their new material but they still kick complete balls live, there is no match.
    Sorry but there IS a match. You say that because you're a fan
    They're still a stellar ****ing live band.
    So are tons of other bands. They're called opinions, people.
    I agree musical taste is pure opinion, my point is how many bands can sell out giants stadium for instance, for a week, not many, especially no metal bands. Fan or not 80,000 people going crazy to a song beats out some douche mogwai band.
    Who ? Also, typical douches trashing Metallica, but only knowing "Enter Sandman".
    I find it quite hypocritical that I've seen pretty much the exact same comments at least ten thousand times here on UG, often upvoted and with a slew of comments that range between "They should retire. Now." to (at best) "Yeah they're allright nowadays, but they should really just replace Lars and Kirk". As I've written before, yeah Mogwai can be douchebags, but I'd like to know what makes 70% of UG's userbase different then.
    Professionalism. That's the difference. Musicians are well within their right to spew hate at each other, but it isn't professional at all.
    When I ask "What makes 70% of UG's userbase different", I'm asking what saves the numerous people here calling Mogwai "douchebags" based on their comments from being hypocrites, seeing as a majority of the userbase has being saying, or agreeing on the exact same comments made by Mogwai - Professionalism or not, it isn't an excemption for anyone from being a douchebag, so the question remains unanswered.
    Mogwai have been around I am surprised not many people here have heard of them. Anyway, wasn't cool to say that
    Having listened to a lot of Mogwai (and enjoyed a portion of it), I can't quite see where their drummer gets his high horse from. He's not exactly drumming for Meshuggah or Rush and it's not overly demanding drumming behind a softly strummed acoustic chord for 6 minutes at a time
    Mogwai's drummer didn't comment on Metallica at all. Also, you don't have to be Tomas Haake to have an opinion about drummers. Mogwai's music is about mood and Martin Bulloch is a master in finding the right grooves for the band.
    Apologies, their "multi-instrumentalist" (so not a drummer) decided to comment. I still maintain that the drummer in Mogwai (in my opinion) is average and there are better drummers in their genre yet I'd guess Kirk Hammett (or some multi-instrumentalist that may play live with them) wouldn't say he was shit.
    No shame in being in a band and calling another band shit. We all have our own preferences. I dont like metallica either lol.
    Well now I have no respect for these guys, first time Im hearing about them and its because theyre talking "shite" about another band. Thats pathetic
    Wow, Metallica was better in the 80s and Lars isn't that good of a drummer, thank goodness UG recognized the timeliness and significance of this story.
    replica_ · Jun 03, 2014 04:34 PM
    They're right… I bet that Cliff would like Mogwai better than post '89 Metallica.
    Mogwai are pretty damn good. And Lars IS a shite drummer. I see no lies here, it's just untactful honesty on Barry's part.
    I don't know, he seems to have tightened his acts in some parts - I certainly didn't have any issue with the drumming when I saw them at Roskilde last year. Personally, I like Mogwai, but I don't agree with them, and I'm completely with you that it was rather untactfully expressed.
    Mogwai's comments sound a lot like most comments from UG users when concerning Metallica so why did everyone dislike it?
    Hey, if they didn't make fun of Metallica, they wouldn't be in the news at all. Fuck Mogwai.
    Look, I don't even know this band, but you can't slate Lars, you just can't, unless you're bigger and better than Metallica, which, you're unlikely to be, And Justice For All proves his worth as an epic drummer.
    You can slate Lars. You can slate any musician. The day we start saying 'you can criticise this person but not this person' is the day we no longer listen to music as individuals. It always comes down to the same tired word: opinion.
    That's like saying you can't criticise a meal in a restaurant until you're a 5 star chef. Even if your food has toenails and flem in it. Doesn't work that way, pal.
    I just watched 4 videos on dailymotion. Now that I'm familiar with their musical prowess I can see that they are untalented wannabes that think the drivel they play has some meaning. It doesn't.... As Zappa would say, shut up and play yer guitar! or better yet, LEARN to play your guitar. LOL
    > I just 4 videos on dailymotion. Now that I'm familiar with their musical prowess First of all - 4 videos is definatly not enough to "get" the musical level of a band like Mogwai, certainly not any other within the post-rock genre, let alone thousands of other musical genres. That is a subjectively oxymoronic statement. > I can see that they're untalented Untalented? Untalented by what, may I ask? Because they don't play the fastest, toughest, most complicated licks and riffs and other drivel that all too many metalheads thinks defines "talent"? Even if it's not technicality which usually is a factor for the "untalented" argument, what then? Songwriting? Sound? Then it's subjectively your taste, not their talent. Or is it, as I suspect, just a meaningless negative you used in lack of better description. > Wannabe's Again, of what? Metallica? If you're gonna tell me that they're wannabe's of Metallica, you've either never heard a song from them, or you're deaf. > That think they play has some meaning What does that even mean? That sentence makes no sense at all. > Or better yet, learn to play your guitar. Technical prowess is not a way to determine how good your music is, neither how good you are at guitar. Restraint, and simplicity can work just as well, sometimes even better than a slew of technically difficult sweep-licks and double tapping. Many bands, including Mogwai, can as individual probably play far better than they lay off, but don't feel any need to going after the music they want to create. The music Mogwai makes is exactly the music they want to create, as just like a guy above me said, "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should". To bring another example in from within Mogwai's genre, there is the drummer of Sigur Ros. The guy can be an absolute beast on the skins, occasionally pulling off some completely unusual or technically complicated patterns. But most of the time, you'll hear him doing completely basic stuff, because not only is he contempt with doing that, he does it because it fits the music better than a 11/8 polyrythm, shifting to a 5/8 every 7th bar. > LOL Confirmation that you're either mentally 12, or you're trolling everyone, and I hope to god it's the last one since so far this is the absolutely most extreme example of ignorance, stupidity and immaturity in this thread. It doesn't even matter what band/artist could be in question, it could be a popsinger, a hardrock trio, a jazz big-band, a symphonic death-metal group, or something else, it doesn't matter as your entire attitude towards judging, understanding and expressing yourself about music is pathetic beyond belief.
    I'm glad you enjoy their musical masterbation. Why don't you go start a blog on how awesome this band is. You can drop polyrythm and everyone will think you are a cool guy. IMHO this band is lame, the songs I listened to were poor and the level of muscianship was FAR below average. To top it all off, they tend to make fun of other bands. I'm glad you think they are wonderful. You must have really unique taste. 4Q
    Another thing to consider, his style fits Metallica, you can criticize him all you want, but the fact of the matter is, you take Lars out and it just isn't Metallica, there may be better drummers than him, but his style fits Metallica perfectly.
    "They're a pretty big rock band" Understatement of the millennium right there.
    I like Mogwai (though still haven't listened to Rave Tapes) but this isn't the first time I've seen them bash a band. Gotta lighten up a bit.
    This is hilarious. Mogwai is one of my favorite bands and I think this is the first article in the news section I've seen here specifically about them, too. Really came out of left field haha
    And as far as Lars goes, he himself will tell you he is not an awesome drummer. But he certainly is not BAD. What makes Lars special is the effort he puts in it. Watch virtually any footage of Metallica live and that little dude is busting his balls on the drums. I would MUCH rather have him play in my band (or someone with equal talent AND dedication) than some other drummer who is more proficient, but looks like he is checking his e-mail instead of rocking out when playing live.