Mogwai Bash Metallica: 'They're Sh-te, Lars Is Terrible'

artist: Mogwai date: 06/03/2014 category: music news
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Mogwai Bash Metallica: 'They're Sh-te, Lars Is Terrible'
UK post-rock titans Mogwai are set to perform at this year's Glastonbury festival within the same time slot as metal icons Metallica, the band they're not exactly too fond of.

Chatting with Gigwise, multi-instrumentalist Barry Burns kicked off by ripping drummer Lars Ulrich, saying, "I can't wait to hear that guy play the drums again - unbelievably bad. He's terrible."

Singer Stuart Braithwaite wasn't up for bashing that much, saying, "I just can't wait until we go all quiet and you can hear 'Enter Sandman' in the background, because we're on at the same time. I don't really see the fuss. They're a pretty big rock band and it's a pretty big rock festival.

"It would be good if they could go back in time to 1989. Metallica at Glastonbury in 1989," the vocalist added.

Finally, addressing the controversy of Metallica's Glasto booking, drummer Martin Bulloch briefly noted, "Because they're sh-te."

Glastonbury 2014 is set to take place from June 25 to 29. The response to Metallica booking so far has been different, going from full-on support to massive confusion.
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