MonkeyFest 2012 Cancelled

artist: Monkeyfest date: 04/11/2012 category: music news
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MonkeyFest 2012 Cancelled
If you were looking forward to an early start to festival season this year, you might be sadly disappointed. MonkeyFest, the instructional music festival that was the brainchild of popular musician and music teacher Rob Chapman, has been cancelled this year due to unforseen circumstances. Chapman, who owns a guitar company allowing users and fans to decide the latest model via a voting process, launched the video on the situation (watch it below). While MonkeyFest was a relatively minor festival as festivals go, it was an event in its infancy, and it is so far unclear as to the future for this venture in the long term. While Chapman has offered his personal assurance that MonkeyFest will return next year, with a greater focus on unsigned and underground artists, a lot can happen in the space of a year. Fans of the first event are currently planning an unofficial get together.
Reported by Tom Colohue
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