Morello Doubts RATM Future

RATM guitarist Tom Morello doesn't know if the band has a future, because his colleagues can't agree on whether to record new material or even play any shows.

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It's 20 years since they released their groundbreaking self-titled album but it's 12 years since they produced any new material, and Morello says the second fact is the one he finds most surprising.

He tells: "If it were up to me I would have made two records a year. As it is we have just three records of original material.

"Whether or not we play again in any capacity is unknown. Every show we've ever played might have been the last.

"Once a year, the band meets and very seriously discusses and turns down awesome offers to tour the world. That's part of the program."

Yet Morello remains proud of what RATM have achieved, and grateful his band mated agreed to release their anniversary box set, which includes a DVD of their 2010 concert in Finsbury Park to celebrate their victory over TV gameshow X-Factor in the 2009 Christmas Number One race.

"It was my great hope that we'd celebrate the 20th anniversary with a five-continent world tour," he says. "But short of that, this box set is something that will hopefully be very satisfying for longtime fans, as well as turn on new fans to what the band is all about."

The band has always been about taking a political stance something Morello feels was missed by many of the acts they influenced, ClassicRockMagazine reports.

He reflects: "When Rage finally did break, and sort of created a genre of music, the audience that we created was then served by bands that may have had some of the sonic ingredients, but completely lacked the politics.

"You'd think that in the wake of Rage's success, in the course of the last 20 years, there would be other examples of bands that were able to fuse genres with political content. And there havent been any. I think that speaks to the very, very unique musical and personal chemistry of the four guys in Rage Against the Machine."

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    I would think that of all the political uprisings that have happened in the past few years, Rage would make a new album but honestly in my opinion they are being drama queens about it. Even if it's a bootleg, fans will friggin' love it. I miss the riffs they pumped out. Also if them and Tool would do a tour then that would be one of the best shows ever and then ,if by divine intervention, SOAD reunited and they toured with them.....It's just too politically mind bottling to think about.
    you paint an awesome picture man, but im pretty sure SOAD ARE reunited... or else who did i see at heavy TO this year?
    I have to think Zack De Le Rocha is the reason why they don't ever, and have never really done much. Hell, the rest of them even went off and started another band for a with Chris Cornell for a while. Furthermore, what the s*** is up with One Day as a Lion? De La Rocha does that killer EP with Jon Theodore, saying that it was precurser to their full length LP, then..... 4 years later theyve done absolutely nothing. What has this guy been doing all these years? Is he out playing around in the woods pretending to be Che Guevara?
    I think radio could use another RATM album! It ain't gonna happen but it would be cool.
    Too bad Tom and Dave Mustaine are into different type of music, I would've loved to see a colaboration or even a shot at a political supergroup. Anybody figthing or speaking out against any abusive&corrupt establishment is OK in my book.
    Rise Against have political lyrics. They don't rap. There are plenty of political bands still around though.
    correction: whiny middle-school liberal lyrics, not a quarter of the "rage" that rage has. sadly the best thing to come from punk since blink-182 and green day ruined it.
    Tom lost all political credibility when he started rallying in support of giving government employees special privileges at the expense of the average mother****ers he pretends to care about.