Morrissey: 'Killing Baby Seals With Lightning Brutality Is Now Canada's Primary Global Image'

"Until this annual massacre is abolished, Canada itself is regrettably fashionably dead," says ex-Smiths man.

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Former Smiths frontman and animal rights activist Morrissey has taken to semi-official fan siteĀ True to You to voice his disgust at Canadian seal hunting.

In the post, Morrissey criticizes Canada's "inhumane" treatment of the animals, and describes the country as "fashionably dead." You can check out the full post below:

"This sorrowful Canada.

"The seal hunt in Canada is struggling to make a start this year due to almost no markets, and China especially is refusing to sell Canadian seal meat. Thank you, China!

"China has stated that 'animal rights protests' are the reason why they have dropped Canada's custom.

"The annual East Coast seal hunt/kill started Monday - against a strong wave of trade and court challenges. Europe continues its ban on seal products.

"Gail Shea, the federal Fisheries Minister for Canada, says that baby seals are 'killed humanely,' and explains how the baby seals are shot by high-powered rifles. Is this a death that Gail Shea would wish for herself? Would it make her happy to be shot by a high-powered rifle? If she considers such butchery to be so 'humane,' why doesn't she place herself amongst the tens of thousands of grey-coated harp seals that will be slaughtered within the next few weeks? She could then test the humane aspect of having her head blown off for herself. Only then could she be thought to speak with any authority on the subject.

"Canada is a beautiful country, and the people of Canada are good people. But good people are often ineffectual. Internationally, Canada's sorry image is due entirely to its seal slaughter - which is greedy and barbaric, and it is dismaying to witness such ignorance in 2014. Sound reason tells us that only those of the thinnest intellect wear animal fur, and because the Canadian government are concerned with animals only economically, killing baby seals with lightning brutality is now Canada's primary global image. Until this annual massacre is abolished, Canada itself is regrettably fashionably dead.


Morrissey's new studio album, titled "World Peace Is None of Your Business," is scheduled for release this summer.

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    I find it funny, as a Canadian, that I don't really know all that much about the seal hunt. All we seem to hear is this stupid rhetoric coming from celebrities like Morrissey, Pamela Anderson and Paul McCartney. However, I disagree with pretty much everything he says here. 1. "China has stated that 'animal rights protests' are the reason why they have dropped Canada's custom" - I find it hard to believe that China allows animal rights protests, let alone reforms foreign policy because of them. More likely, they quash the protest, jail the dissidents and block and Google search of the incident. Thank you China indeed. 2. "Internationally, Canada's sorry image is due entirely to its seal slaughter" - Wrong. Our sorry image is due to our disgraceful (and worsening) environmental record, our ever increasing hard line on immigration and our government's black and white stance on international issues such as Israel. 3. What does "fashionably dead" even mean?
    Cheers, Moz. Good points. I just wish you'd stop supporting PETA, since they don't actually give two ****s about animal rights, despite all their pseudo-activism.
    It's funny how China seems to care more about animal rights than human rights.
    Really? The rhino,tiger,elephant poaching is generate by Chinas demand for their body parts,the country is idiotic because of the pseudoscience they believe in.
    Pablo Mortis
    When I saw the name of this article, I didn't quite get to the word brutality, and I spent a while wondering at the vast amount of talent and preparation it would take to kill anything with lightning.
    you know how hard it is to make a living in the Canadian Arctic? Or any idea how expensive goods are? I'd love for this douche to live above the tree line for a few years and see how his feelings on the subject change.
    Getting shot in the head with a high powered rifle is really a pretty good way to go. Boom, lights out. Now I'm not trying to support the seal hunt or anything, but yeah, I'd actually choose that over tons of other ways I could meet my demise.
    No matter how you put it, I am unwilling to concede that an animal life is equal to that of a human. If that ethic was not widely accepted, then we would all be vegetarian. Even if Morrissey believes that they ARE equal, when he suggests killing Shea with a rifle is inhumane, it is not an analagous argument. "Humane" under different moral systems, will be defined in different ways. Undoubtedly, Shea would believe that if she were to be killed in such a manner, it would be inhumane, because she does not want to die. Do animals have the capacity for desire? Surely, instinct tells them to survive, but we have no way of knowing if an animal fears death in the same way we do. Not to mention the varying levels of sentience that different species exhibit. tl;dr Morrissey's argument is logically flawed and oversimplifies the issue.
    Also.. Animal life may not be equal to human life but we still have a responsibility to bot wipe outentire species of animals for our own selfish reasons. Its very easy to coexist in this world, but most humans don't have any respect for anything but themselves.
    I didn't say they didn't have feelings, or even that I was trying to justify the action. Though I personally believe in the consumption of animals for sustenance, I also believe that we should not drive another species to extinction. Indeed, like you said, we have a responsibility to protect such species. I am not particularly interested in the subject, so admittedly, I have not done any research. But I wonder if instinct is a result of fear or if it is reversed. It's hard to imagine an insect feeling fear, but I do not know. Surely, more sentient animals (such as dolphins or apes) do feel fear. But this could be an evolutionary product of instinct. Again, I do not know. But I tend to think that fear, love, an other emotions are a result of instinct, not the other way around. That aside, what I meant by a "fear of death" was in fact comprehension of the concept. My fear of death involves the possibility of ceasing to exist entirely. I do not doubt that an animal with a sense of self might be capable of understanding this concept. In that case, I would consider it inhumane to kill such an animal for selfish reasons. However, I believe there are animals who do not possess such highly developed forms of thought. Is killing a creature like that more humane? I think it's one factor worth consideration. Anyway, my original point simply was that drawing a direct analogy between a human and an animal is not as absolute as Morrissey made it seem.
    There are also people with forms of mental retardation that cannot understand the concept of death. Most children do not understand the concept of death until a certain age. Does that mean we can kill them and its not a big deal because they dont have any sense of what it is? Im just playing devils advocate here, but I hope you understand my point. I understand what you are saying, I just dont completely agree with you.
    You bring up a good point. I hadn't thought about people who lack the capacity for understanding that concept. I, of course, don't think we can kill those people. There are certainly many factors to consider, and none of them are clear cut. I do understand your point though. I guess I myself have not reached a personal conclusion on the matter. I enjoy having healthy debates like this, however.
    I suggest that you do some research. Animals have feelings. Joy, sadness and fear are all present in animals. Only morons who want to justify bullshit like this think differently. Do you know what is driving that instinct to survive? Fear. "We have no way of knowing if an animal fears death in the same way we do" is am incorrect statement. They may not have any understanding of the concept of death, but they still understand pain and fear.
    Two questions: What the hell is "fashionably dead" supposed to mean? And why are people refusing to sell seal meat when plenty of other animals are hunted with rifles and no one gives a damn?
    There are many types of endangered seal. I think that's what he's getting at.
    Fair point. I can get behind not killing endangered seals, maybe Morrissey should have focussed on that (or at least mentioned it once) rather than banging on about the rifles.
    > Why are people refusing to sell seal meat when plenty of other animals are hunted with rifles and no one gives a damn? Because extra fluffy + big black eyes + nothing horrifyingly abnormal or dangerous = "Cuteness" overload. We care more about animals we like and find sweet than those who suffer much more, but aren't as enjoyable to picture (ex. sharks, snakes, pigs).
    They have too many seals. They can eat seals. So they hunt seals. Why is this such a big deal? Bunch of babies crying about people killing the cute animals.
    I just did a google search on seal products and found a number of things that prove him incorrect. For starters, Canada is the most regulated commercial seal hunter nation in the world and one of their laws states that you can not kill baby seals. Secondly, none of these seals are endangered, which means that the commercial seal hunt in Canada is like any other regulated commercial hunt: it maintains the balance between humans, seals, fish, sharks and many other aquatic animals that would be affected by seal populations as supported by Biological statistics. One Google search yielded these results. Just one.
    Another B-grade celebrity going for 15min of fame. At least all of the seals are used and it's grown-up not baby seals that are killed. What about the shark fin hunt? Cutting off the fins and throwing the rest in the oceans.
    oh will you shut the **** up you stupid hippy old ****. you haven't done anything worth a damn since you left the smiths and the only people who think you have are ****ing deluded just shut the **** up the only thing keeping you in the limelight is your stupidly controversial statements like this and people's nostalgia for the smiths at least johnny marr moved on a did something of note.
    This is the most retarded, ill-informed comment in UG history. benjixoath has been churning out a fair few of these dense comments as of late. Are you a troll? Or are you genuinely that ****ing stupid?
    Have you actually read what Moz said? Is it alright to kill animals with high-powered rifles and saying it's humanely? I know - it's so brOOtalz, lol. How dare you, Morrissey! *eyeroll*
    killing for sport has been around forever it'll hurt a lot less with a rifle than bashing it in the head with a club morrisey is a ****ing idiot maybe i should shoot him with a hig powered rifle then he can see it doesn't actually hurt that much science has proven that a bullet to the head you die long before any hurting actually starts to happen! SCIENCE HAS PROVEN IT
    I agree with Morrissey to a degree. He's making broad generalizations about a lot of things here though. The China example is horrible because of how China is when it comes to other animal rights standards. As well I've never heard Canada's sorry image related to it's seal killing. The seal industry has been dying off in recent years and will continue until it no longer exists. Also Morrissey is being blatantly racist towards many Aboriginals as their reliance on the seals is just like the average person's reliance on cows.
    how ****ing dare he blab on about canada's international image from someone who's half irish you know what irelands national stereotype is? a country of drunk potato eating terrorists so if we're really going to start morrisey people in glass houses shouldn't throw ****ing stones
    "you know what irelands national stereotype is?" Exactly that, a stereotype you moron. That was one of the most unintelligent comments I've ever read. Shame on you!
    well his statement is basically making out that canadians are cruel to animals and everyone wanders around beating baby seals to death.
    You are literally the worst person on UG right now. All I ever see from you is self righteousness following after uninformed, often childish opinions one after another. By all means, leave opinions, that's the point of the comments section, but for f*cks sake find something to back them up and stop throwing tantrums when people disagree with you.
    Terrorists? I don't know. Try ****ing a country in the arse for centuries like ours ****ed Ireland (famines, repression, forced acculturation... all that beautiful shit) and you'll probably get a lot of hate as well. Also, how is that even relevant? You're trying to compare a stereotype with the actions of a country's government. Morrissey didn't say that all canadians are seal murdering pricks.
    Funny.... when I think of Canadians I think of ugly girls, nasty beer, the worst healthcare in the americas, and Tim hortons