Morrissey: 'Reports Of My Death Have Been Greatly Understated'

The hospitalised singer pledges to re-start his North American tour in Las Vegas next week.

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Morrissey has spoken out following his recent health troubles, which saw him hospitalised at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan.

The singer issued a statement to fan site True To You, which he opened up by saying: "The reports of my death have been greatly understated." The former frontman of The Smiths went on to explain that he was treated for concussion, a bleeding ulcer and Barrett's esophagus, and as such had to cancel a number of shows. NME reports.

The cancelled gigs were already part of numerous dates rescheduled from October last year, when Morrissey stopped the shows mid-tour to return to the UK to be with his ill mother. She has since recovered.

He added that he is keen to pick up his North American tour next week in Las Vegas. He wrote: "I am fully determined to resume the tour on February 9 at the Chelsea Ballroom in Las Vegas. If there's an audience of any kind in attendance, I just might die with a smile on my face, after all. If I am not there, I shall probably never again be anywhere."

He added a thank you to crowds at two recent shows in the US and Australia, which he dubbed the best nights of his career, stating: "Thank you to everyone present at both Brooklyn (New York) and Melbourne (Australia) during recent weeks for two of the best nights of what might charitably be termed my "career". My debt to you will outlive time itself."

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    Insanity ninja
    UG is becoming a very mean place...
    If he was new here his response would be along the lines of "Gee willikers! UG is a terrible place! I think I'll spend my time down at the Soda fountain instead and try out one of those cherry pops that Jane thinks are a blast!"
    Morrissey has impacted my life more with his lyrics than any other musician, dead or alive. I wish him all the best, in his 'so-called' career and personal life.
    I'm not personally a massive fan of his music and i know he pisses off a LOT of people but he does treat his fans with the respect fans deserve. so i respect him for that.
    Fucking Trolls and Hipsters and Hipster Trolls.... Go the **** away! Morrissey is one of the bests.. I am an old punk metal fan who happens to like how he writes.. As a musician.. I listen to alot of music and types... He has my respect.
    I gave you a +1. Also, one of the bests? I would say that he is in fact the best.
    Chill, Morrissey, you'll die in a double-decker bus crash! Got it, huh? ...I'll just eat my dinner...
    Does anybody even care about this douche?!
    Who's being a douche now? Morrissey has said some pretty outrageous shit in the press and in shows over the years but he has said more than enough through his lyrics to make up for it. Check out a song called "Suffer Little Children" , he wrote this about the Moors murders. He's been sending flowers to the mother of one of the victims every year since then.
    He's not dead? Shame...
    You're not dead? Damn scope is never precise...
    The scope has to be sighted in on the gun. For each gun that it is attached to it will need to be adjusted differently... Although i do aggree with you as opposed to the person who you commented towards
    haha excellent! amazing what an opinion does... although I've probably wound up about a millionth of the people this utter c*nt winds up...
    It is a shame, can't wait til this bag of human shit is gone. After his comments on the Norway massacre...
    Doesn't he mean "overstated"?
    I think he was trying to be funny in his own weird way. Or maybe he did mean overstated, who knows with Morrissey
    I was thinking the same thing to be honest. He does have a concussion and a bleeding ulcer so i guess i'll give him the benefit of the doubt
    The man moans so much about life imagine him moaning about death! He must be insufferable when he gets man-flu. Nevertheless, hope he doesn't die... :/
    Maybe he should start eating more meat before he starts growing vag's on his body.