Morrissey Retires From Music?

The former frontman of The Smiths has recently cancelled the remainder of his North American tour.

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The former frontman of The Smiths Steven Patrick Morrissey has said that he has been 'cautioned' to retire from music, because of his recent health troubles, reports NME.

Speaking to Mexican radio station Reactor 105.7 via MSN - the singer said: "I have been cautioned to, but it's difficult for me because it's very ingrained in me."

Morrissey recently cancelled the remainder of his US tour. A statement issued on behalf of the singer cited ''medical mishaps'' as the reason for the cancellation of the planned shows. Morrissey has been suffering from mounting health issues over the past few months, including Barrett's esophagus, a bleeding ulcer and double pneumonia.

The singer's publicist, Lauren Papapietro, said in a statement: "Despite his best efforts to try to continue touring, Morrissey has to take a hiatus and will not be able to continue on the rest of the tour. Morrissey thanks all of his fans for their well wishes and thoughts."

Speaking to Reactor 105.7, the former frontman of The Smiths said of his hospitalisation: "I had a very bad time. I had internal bleeding and I was rushed into hospital and I had lost a lot of blood. They tried to patch me together over the following five weeks but it didn't work I was on lots of IV drips for almost five weeks, and each time it seemed as though I was back to robust health I would decline... I had lost so much blood I had become anaemic, but I'm still receiving ongoing treatment and I am very optimistic now."

He continued: "It almost became absurd the number of things that happened to me, but everything just attacked me at once. The double pneumonia - everything was really a result of the fact I had lost so much blood, so the immune defenses were very, very low and couldn't cope with anything, so therefore the slightest gust of wind and I would have a terrible cold."

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    forced into retirement that's a shame. I don't care what anybody says he still a great artist musician and singer.
    I just wish he'd retire from talking. He can carry on making music though.
    I really didn't like his last 2 solo albums, but what he done with The Smiths and some of his solo work will live forever in me. Stay strong anyway, Moz. PS: he said he's now very optimistic about his future, and yet UG turns it into a question about his retirement...
    Yep, effectively: Morrissey "I've been cautioned to retire, but it's difficult for me because it's very ingrained in me" So, he doesn't want to retire. Yet, UG makes it into him retiring.
    Can't say I enjoy his solo stuff at all, tends to be a little repetitive. He shouldn't have parted ways with Johnny Mar.
    Love him or hate him, he does what he does and he stands for something. Rather than constantly adding to the Morrissey hate, do something productive for a change. Morrissey is one of the best singers and lyricists, and it's a shame that people dislike him. I, for one, feel lucky to have the Smiths catalogue along with his solo discography. Great stuff
    I hope he recovers and continues to do what he loves. Love him or hate him, you can't deny he has been a great influence on many people. I'm happy I had to see him live though.