Morrissey: 'Thatcher was a Terror Without an Atom of Humanity'

Margret Thatcher inspired hate from a generation of British musicians who went on the change the world. Here, Morrissey writes why he hates everything about the late British Prime Minister.

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Morrissey has written a scathing response to the death of Margret Thatcher, the UK's first female Prime Minister whose reign fuelled the influential British music scene of the '70s and '80s.

Lady Thatcher died of a stroke yesterday after years of ill health. She was the longest serving Prime Minister of the 20th century. While many claim she was a great leader, many musicians hated her for apparently making life hard for poorer people.

"Every move she made was charged by negativity," writes Morrissey in a post for the Daily Beast. "Thatcher will only be fondly remembered by sentimentalists who did not suffer under her leadership, but the majority of British working people have forgotten her already ... Thatcher was a terror without an atom of humanity."

Meanwhile, a campaign is running to get the song "Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead" from "The Wizard Of Oz" movie to No. 1 in the UK charts as a political statement, according to NME.

The page started in 2007, presumably because Thatcher's ill health suggested she could die at any moment. It suggests that people buy the Ella Fitzgerald version of the song, as the movie version is too short to qualify for the UK charts.

Do you think the state of music would be different if Thatcher hadn't inspired a generation of British musicians to take an interest in politics? Share your opinions and theories in the comments.

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    Strange question posed by UG at the end there... of course music (particularly British music) would be different, but I would have personally preferred to have seen better living conditions for working class people in Britain, than have angsty music. For people who are getting annoyed at others seemingly rejoicing in her death, I believe (as do many) that political figures often throw away their right to be left alone at death. Respect the mourning family of course, but remain critical and realistic with the individuals life - Thatcher didn't care for you, its fine if you don't care for her.
    "While many claim she was a great leader" Neo-liberals who admire her deregulation of the financial sector, privatisation of state-owned companies and crushing the unions for workers' rights and the labour movement, that is. The very same people who condone the rich getting richer on the expense of the poor who faced mass unemployment and starvation thanks to her policies, which is exactly what happened, no debate. Not to mention her support to oppressive dictators and mass murderers such as Pinochet, Pol Pot and the South African apartheid regime, and labeling the ANC and Nelson Mandela as "terrorists". So yeah, Morrissey is right for once. No morally conscious and educated individual could mourn her death, considering the things she's done.
    Matter of fact is ANC and Mandela WERE terrorists. And since this change of rule that you and so many others cherish, the white farmers are being murdered en masse. In other words, it's a genocide.
    They were terrorists for fighting racism and oppression? Are the lives of white farmers more important than thousands of Africans being colonized and exploited? Are those white farmers willing to cooperate and work on terms of equality with black Africans? How can a society that was torn apart by racism and euro-centrism?
    Whatever you decide to call it, it's still terrorism. Are the lives of Africans more important than the lives of the farmers? Do multiethnic societies even work? The European peoples should've learned from Rhodesia, South Africa and all other former civilizations that were ruined.
    I think we've heard enough to know what fascist angle you're coming from.
    By the way, if you still doubt ANC and Mandela were terrorists, you don't know what a "necklace" is - Mandela once said: "With our matches and necklaces, we'll liberate this country!", resulting in this horrible practice being applied to those who didn't follow the ANC. If you don't consider that terrorism, you need to look the word up.
    I understand the hate but I don't understand celebrating her death. That's just weak. She did her damage a LONG time ago. She's been a frail, demented old woman for years now. Let the b*tch rest in pieces for goodness sake.
    For those who don't know much about Thatcher, due to her policies during the miners' strikes of the '80s, huge numbers of mines (mainly in the North) were shut down, there was mass unemployment and the industry has never really picked itself up again. She (well, her government) was responsible for getting rid of the vast majority of British manufacturing companies, which (I believe) changed the country for the worst. Eve though I'm not celebrating it, I can completely understand people being happy about her death, when her policies destroyed the lives of thousands.
    Morrissey is perhaps a bit edgy about his views on pretty much everything, but I fully agree that Margret was no good.
    She was buddies with General Pinochet, wasted the lives of British soldiers for the sake of a barren rock three thousand miles away in the war with Argentina, sank the Belgrano, even though it wasn't engaged in combat, and secretly supported the Khmer Rouge. Oh, and her economic policies largely contributed to the banking crisis of 2008 in the UK. This is not a person to be mourned. Pay last respect to Margaret Thatcher as a fellow human being, not as a politician.
    Nero Galon
    Whats this? An article where the vast majority agree with Morrissey?
    The vast majority of people talking shit about Morrissey started after his KFC comments. He has been political since the Smiths were still running, he has said lots of things and not all of them were considered outrageous (eg. many of the stuff he says about the royals in Britain are certainly true).
    Nero Galon
    Yeah I think some of his views are understandable, its just he's quite forward with all his views... And recently the articles to do with Morrissey lately haven't made him look good.
    I don't really understand why she's so famous. I'm American, and most of the people who I see who say they're from Britain don't seem to like her very much at all. Also, even when someone dies who has made mistakes in some form or another, I never celebrate death. I would not want someone to be happy that I was dead.
    I'd like an article about Morrissey saying something positive. Until then, I'll remain convinced he's just hating everything for the sake of hating everything.
    He likes chickens. Besides, why would someone of his background have anything positive to say about her?
    I've seen a Live Aid documentary where Bob Geldof of all people says British Musicians in the mid-80's thought Thatcher was great because she was encouraging young people to go out and make money and make something of themselves. Out of all people an Irish Nationalist with a Poverty agenda said that.
    If Margaret Thatcher was hated as much as people why was she re-elected 3 times, with a larger amount of votes each time? No Prime minister is going to be 100% popular, however you can't keep mines running indefinitely, the poll tax was stupid and when people complain she stole milk the previous government had already taken milk away from a large chunk of kids before.
    Because the people never gets what they want. The people gets what it is, and for most cases in politics, the politician gets elected and some time later, the disappointment kicks in. What other choices did people had over Thatcher? Here in my country, genocides and mass murderers got elected as presidents because of lack of actual representatives. Would the brits nowadays elect Thatcher?
    I seriously doubt anyone expressing an opinion here, Morrisey included, has a deep understanding of the circumstances involved in running a government today, much less 40 years ago. It's a lot easier to say you hate someone with whom you don't share the same politics, and cherry pick details from the circumstances to justify your uninformed beliefs. Anyone who gets riled up by comments posted in here should remember most of them are from teenagers or moderately to poorly educated adult rock guys. Please, people-read some books and understand what you believe.
    Disregarding whether you agree with Morrissey or not - he is a horrible, evil and inconsiderate man. With that being said, I can understand where he comes from, and why people would agree with him. But I don't understand the need to say some of the shit that he says, like how the Norway killings weren't as bad as KFC. Morrissey, shut the **** up and keep your ridiculous comments to yourself
    "Horrible, evil and inconsiderate" describes Thatcher pretty well. I don't expect you to understand British politics, but Morrissey is right. She made life hell for a lot of people. However, Thatcher's death is much less of a tragedy than David Cameron still being alive.
    david camreon's a good prime minister. He's clearing up the mess gordon brown's left behind. then again, britan hasnt had a good government since churchill.
    Do you even know who morrissey is and what kind of back ground he comes from>
    Morrissey never fails to disappoint when it comes to British government. it was only a matter of time before he said anything about Margaret Thatcher. he still great musician despite his crazy point of view.
    "A matter of time before..." You know he's been commenting on her his whole career, don't you? Rightfully so too!
    Oh Yeah... I just meant that is a matter of time before he comments on her death.
    It sucks when you can't respect the dead cause you need attention since you are irrelevant now.
    Though I didn't like Thatcher, it seems to me that most people here don't even know much about her policies, and probably just skimmed a few lines in her wiki-article and though "Yup, that'll do! Now I know everything I need to know!" Seriously, not everything she did was shit, and she had a backbone, but that doesn't mean she was a very good person, nor politician - in fact, she was quite contrary in regards to the latter two.