Motley Crue Announcing Final Tour on January 28: 'All Bad Things Must Come to an End'

The trek likely to last for a couple of years.

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Glam metal icons Motley Crue have officially announced a special January 28 event under the "RIP: All Bad Things Must Come to an End" banner.

Scheduled to take place in Los Angeles, the press conference will likely see the band announcing details of their final album and farewell tour, which is expected to last for a couple of years, Blabbermouth reports.

Singer Vince Neil previously hinted that the band's last trek might kick off as early as May 2014, while bassist Nikki Sixx pointed out several times that this truly marks the end of the road.

"The most important thing about a farewell tour is that the band doesn't lie to the fans, and the band doesn't tour and then come back years later," Sixx told Rolling Stone back in October. "That's what's important for us, planning what's the right time to go out."

The bassist explained further, "Someone said to me the other day, 'Won't you be sad?' I go, 'No, I'd be sad if we were playing half-full theaters and only two band members were in the band.' That would be sad. Sad is not taking your final bow in Los Angeles all together as four brothers. I talked to a friend the other day and they were talking about a friend of theirs who passed away. And after the funeral, they had this huge party and everybody was celebrating, drinking and telling stories about this guy and how fun he was and how much joy he gave everybody in life. That's how I feel about Motley Crue."

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    I'm not understanding why Motley Crue is so bad. Maybe if you'd listen to more of their songs besides their hit singles you wouldn't hate them. Dr. Feelgood is one of my favorite albums of all time really along with Girls Girls Girls.
    Seriously. If people listened to Too Fast For Love or Shout at the Devil, maybe they'd appreciate them more. That stuff is great.
    Motley Crue puts on one of the greatest live shows I've ever seen.
    TITTIES!! TITTIES EVERYWHERE!!! No seriously all joking aside, I've seen them 4-5 times and had a hell of a good time at each show, def. worth it.
    Niki's explanation was actually very good. Its the original band going on tour for the last time and thats a good way to end it.
    Way Cool JR.
    I will be sad to see them go. Such a great band that gets so much unnecessary hate from people. Been a fan of theirs since they first hit the Sunset Strip and still rockin their music today.
    I think what Nikki's trying to tell us is - Vince and Tommy both lost interest and he doesn't wanna go on with a "fake" Motley Crue, although the Corabi Album proved they can go on without Vince. Sad news but oh well, it's his band and his vision. Hope Mick still gets to participate in making music and maybe finally releases a solo album.
    Seeing as Tommy and Nikki are the only two that play well live any more, this is a good thing. I love Motley Crue, but when I saw them with Def Leppard and Steel Panther, the other two bands blew them out of the water. Vince didn't sing half the words (and not because he was letting the crowd sing), and Mick's solos sounded like a bad copy of the Tom Morello guitar duel on GH3. I've seen Maiden, Metallica, Saxon, Judas Priest, G'n'R, Kreator, Thunder, W.A.S.P, Twisted Sister, and they've all got their skills still. Ok, Axl's not in the greatest shape, but he still put on a better show than Vince did, and hit more notes. It's sad, but I don't blame them for stopping.
    I guess it's about time. It'd just look stupid if four 70 year old farts would enter the stage and sing "Girls Girls Girls". Better to leave now.
    I get the impression they see it as a day job now. I mean Nikki seems to like doing his radio show and photos and likes doing Sixx A.M. Tommy likes doing his electronic stuff regardless of quality. Mick is just Mick and just does whatever he wants it seems (apparently he has a solo record in the works) and Vince seems to see it as a day job the most and would rather stay at home.