Motley Crue Appear in New Dodge Charger Ad

No surprises here - Dodge is sponsoring the band's Final Tour run.

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Dodge has teamed with Motley Crue as the sponsor of their Final Tour run, at the same time putting the band's adrenaline-fueled classic "Kickstart My Heart" into action for their latest commercial that's titled "Just Kidding," Loudwire reports.

The spot opens with a dimly lit city street before eventually zooming in the vehicle at the intersection. The announcer opens with the narration, "470 horsepower Hemi V8 butt-kicking, Motley Crue-blasting Volkswagen Passat." But before you get the wax out of your ears, the narrator adds, "No, just kidding, it's a Charger," as the vehicle revs its engine and speeds off, rounding the curbs on the city streets at high velocity.

"The 2015 Dodge Charger and Challenger are the ultimate American muscle cars, just as the much-anticipated Motley Crue Final Tour is the ultimate high-octane music event of the summer," notes Dodge/Chrysler president and CEO Tim Kuniskis in a press release.

Motley Crue are currently in the midst of their North American tour supported by Alice Cooper and newcomers The Raskins.

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    Way Cool JR.
    They have already been using this song in several of their commercials for the past 2-3 months. The way time flies it may even be longer.
    Motley Crue announce "Sellout Tour"
    To be fair, for a lot of the big bands back then, business and marketing was just as important as the music, and Motley Crue was no exception... They've always intended to make money with their music.
    I thought I wanted a Challenger, but this summer's Dodge commercials with the gearhead rednecks are too douchey to want to be associated with that target audience.
    "Coming to a fair-ground near you, the Motley Crue tour, brought to you by Dodge, Slim-Jims and Coors." I can see the cesspit of white-trash and single moms from here.