Motley Crue Drum Set Up Banned in Some Venues Because of Safety Risk

Cruecifly is too big for some venues according to Tommy Lee.

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In recent weeks, Motley Crue have been out on the road with their farewell tour. While the event promised to offer fans the thrill and spectacle of seeing the Crue for one last time, not everybody has been leaving satisfied.

As Classic Rock reports, some fans have been questioning why the Cruecifly - the elaborate rollercoaster drum rig that extends over the audience, has not been featuring at all shows.

As drummer Tommy Lee revealed on Twitter after a show in Milwaukee, the stage set up poses a health and safety risk in some venues because of its massive size:

"Hi guys. Want you to know certain venues cannot handle the Cruecifly. It's not our fault their roof cannot hang the rig. It's massive!"

While fans at the Milwaukee show might have been disappointed by the absence of the Cruecifly, they were treated to a rendition of the band's new song, "All Bad Things." Check it out below:

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    Is vince neil actually singing or is there some backing tape shit going on? V poor!!!
    Who would've thought some venues can't handle a drum roller coaster hanging from their roof?
    Man Vince didn't even attempt to get inshape for this tour. It's one thing to be chubby or out of shape if it doesn't effect your performance but this is clearly not the case. Vince is embarrassing,he can't even run from one side of the stage to the other without sucking wind.It's obvious he could care less.Sad....
    Holy shitehawks batturd . They can't fit in the drums ? So it'll be a Mick Mars solo show? If they can't get the kit in , they certainly can't fit in the ego's of Lee,Sixx and Neil !!!