Motley Crue Not Releasing Final Album: 'Blame Radio'

artist: Mötley Crüe date: 02/13/2014 category: music news
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Motley Crue Not Releasing Final Album: 'Blame Radio'
Although Motley Crue's retirement plans included an album accompanying the massive global tour, Nikki Sixx recently stated that a full-length is an unlikely endeavor after all.

Chatting with Classic Rock, the bassist attributed such state of affairs to radio and the general reception of albums these days. As Sixx explained it, full-lengths "fall to deaf ears."

"We've written some songs," Nikki said. "But this is difficult to say and probably harder to hear: when you spend nine months working on an album, all the work that goes into it and recording it, mixing it, mastering it, then you release it and it falls on deaf ears."

Bashing radio stations, Sixx added, "Radio is so f--kin' formatted, if you don't have a banjo and a beard they're not playing you over here. If you're this kind of band at this stage of your career you can't be played on Active Rock; if you've been around for more than fifteen years you're classic rock, but classic rock radio doesn't play new music. You just think, 'F--k, man, this sucks.'"

Further explaining the decision to avoid releasing albums, the bassist concluded, "I have the belief that I would rather have less music reach more people through different opportunities, whether it be through movies, through sponsorships or co-sponsorships through integrated marketing with other types of companies that want to use your song specifically to reach tens of millions of people. I'd rather work on two songs under that plan than do eleven songs that only reach 100,000 people."

As reported, the band recently announced dates of farewell tour, also signing a contract banning future treks after 2015. Details and ticket info here.
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