Motley Crue on Being Worse Than Justin Bieber: 'We Were Smashing Cop Car Windows'

Band notes that they'd "never have survived with social media."

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In an interview with Brandi Cyrus (Miley's sister) Motley Crue have noted that Justin Bieber's egg throwing incident pales in comparison to some of their wilder exploits back in the 1980s.

As Tommy Lee notes, after shows at the Whiskey, raucous house parties were a frequent occurrence.

Tommy: "We'd play a show at the Whiskey down the street. When the show was over, Vince would get on the mic and invite everybody up to our apartment. People are wasted, there's an orgy going on…"

Nikki: "We would have never survived with this (holds up iPhone), with social media ... we would have tweeted things ... None of us are throwing eggs at houses."

When asked, what were they doing that was worse than Justin Bieber throwing eggs, Tommy Lee responded with "Smashing cop car windows..." to which Nikki Sixx retorted:

"I didn't smash the cop car window ... I peed in the cop car window. I'm peeing in the cop car window and Tommy goes 'uh, d'ya think that's a good idea?'"

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    Motley Crue would have gangbanged Miley Cyrus in their heyday. Fact.
    Something tells me their entire discography didn't hold a demographic of females 14 years old and under either.
    Rock bands are the best at being the worst, don't try and steal our thunder, Bieber!
    It's funny, because musically they're probably worse than Justin Bieber also.
    The fact you even compare the two astounds me.
    I would definitely rank Motley Crue as worse than Justin Bieber. Obviously both are terrible, but at least Bieber isn't destructive to rock. Motley Crue made terrible rock music, which causes other terrible rock bands to become popular. Bieber is like watching someone getting kicked in the balls, Motley Crue is like actually getting kicked in the balls.
    i have a feeling that notaconotaco hasnt even heard motley crue. He saw cool kids on UG bashing motley crue and just joined them. And u are very cool.
    Really? Worse than Bieber? Motley Crue in the eighties, excluding Theater of Pain and Girls Girls Girls...minus a few singles of course, were ****ing fantastic. Too Fast for Love. Shout at the Devil. Dr. Feelgood? They were one of the best rock bands in the eighties and still put on a kick ass live show. Bieber is getting kicked in the balls while Motley Crue is like someone sucking your cock. And their discography...well...I guess targeted for ages seventeen and older...which is better than most mainstream metal bands that target well...twelve and older.
    You're such a disgrace for saying that motley crue is worse than jb..... Jus a disgrace. Motley crue is WAY better.
    Dude, I agree with you, @kiba56, all the way. How many bands/groups has Mötley Crüe influenced: Dozens if not hundreds, Just to name a few: Hinder, System of a Down, Guns 'N Roses, and Poison, which are good bands in my opinion. How many bands/groups has Justin Bieber influenced: NONE, ZILCH, CERO, NADA It doesn't matter how @notaconotaco compares them. He's just full of sh*t
    You're a disgrace t rock saying that motley crue is worse than jb..... Jus a disgrace. Motley crue is WAY better.
    Look, someone who doesn't like [insert rock band]. Let's slag him off for having an opinion! What a philistine.
    No. It's called someone's being an ******* for being an *******'s sake without giving proper reasoning as to why they hate said band. If you're going to say you dislike something...don't do it like a ****ing five year old.
    If by "worse" you mean "multi platinum record selling, revolutionary, history making, shapers of rock and metal music since the beginning of their existence" then yeah, they're waaaaay worse than Justin Beiber.
    "So many bands, like do farewell tours and it's kind of a rip off to the fans" Kind of the way I feel about this tour. Yeah it's great for all the fans in the US...but what about the fans in the rest of the world, aren't we getting ripped off? The US gets a big farewell tour supported by Alice Cooper and the only thing the rest of us get is a see ya later. Guess it just bugs me that now i'll never get a chance to see one of the first bands that got me into rock music.
    Uhhh they're doing a world tour dude... they just haven't announced the international dates yet, those will be after the North American tour.
    I just wonder how many new musicians we are going to lose because of cell phones, kids today have no time for playing an instrument they would rather just text, and listen to rap.