Motley Crue Share the Clip of New Song

Hear a snippet of studio recording of "All Bad Things Must End."

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A snippet of the studio recording of Motley Crue's new song can be heard in the video advert for their current tour, Metal Hammer reports.

"All Bad Things Must End" is the soundtrack for the video, which can be viewed below. The track has not yet been made available for sale or for radio use.

It was recorded with producer James Michael, singer with Nikki Sixx's Sixx: A.M. project. Crue drummer Tommy Lee recently spoke to Billboard about the song, saying: "It's pretty heavy, but it's really melodic. It's definitely about this time right now with the band and what the feeling is and kind of all that wrapped into a song. I hate to say it's like a goodbye, but it definitely references our time here."

The band are currently out on the road on what they have called the Final Tour.

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    im really a great fan of Motley,but they are really very bad atm,this song sucks and they sucks lats 20 years-i doubt they even remember of 'shout at the devil' album, or 'girls' they should lock themselves in one hotel room for about month and listen to their classic albums all the time,after that they can go to studio for some recordings..
    Spot on. The 1994 grungy album is still heavily underrated.
    Why the **** is Alice Cooper opening for them? Alice Cooper should be the main man.
    Absolutely. He's been going for decades and has adapted to fit every single one. Fair enough, it's lead to some questionable albums, but he's done a terrific job of keeping himself relevant while still being Alice Cooper.
    As a longtime Crue fan, I just went to see them a few nights ago and was a little shocked at how out of practice they looked and sounded. Vince has always been horrible live. I accept that. He sounded bad the 1st time I saw them '88-'89. This show was just bad though. He came in way too early and in the wrong place with lyrics a couple of times. Someone was way off in the beginning of "Shout at the Devil" on their timing. It was hard to follow. I was really hoping they'd put on the show of their lives for us fans on this tour, but I guess not. I still love their old studio stuff, but this tour was a big letdown.
    I still admire them for putting on a good stage show (pyro, lights etc.) but their live sound is pretty shit, and they obviously use backing tracks for heaps of the vocals.
    So basically you just have respect for their stage crew? I'm sorry but having pyro and lights is no reason to admire a band. They stuck period.
    As someone who is a longtime Motley fan, I really am disappointed with all this. I don't want to knock them, but it could be better. I don't expect another huge 80's album or even a single song off one of them, but this..? Vince just doesn't care anymore. Nikki wants to do Sixx AM stuff. Tommy probably cares but not enough. Mick.. Poor Mick. Let him do his solo stuff already.
    Generic. Kinda like the verse, but other than that... nah. Lyrics are terrible too. Not even trying. You can almost call every line before he sings it.
    Terrible verses, Vince is obviously trying too hard. I think it gets good at 17 though, and I really love the chorus. Really killer riff.
    "All Bad Things Must End" What an ironic title for a terrible song, I'm not the biggest Motley Crue fan and I never have been but I could at least respect some of their 80's work (Shout at the Devil, Dr. Feelgood). It really says something about your band when you have Dodge sponsoring your tour (final tour as they're calling but let's see until it actually happens) I hope they either rediscover what actually made them good then riding the coattails onward like they've been doing.... for 20 years...
    Too fast for love and S.A.T.D. i bought them when they first came out the only 2 lps that matter M.C. has never been the same since
    So far the bad things have been the concert reviews for their latest tour. Hopefully they lift their game. Seen them twice in my lifetime, will see them again regardless of others opinion.
    Back when I was 15 and still liked them my Mom bought me and my friends tickets to see them. I think it was 2005. It was actually a great show. Saw lots of boobies. But this song is awful.
    The title of that video reminds me of bill hicks [youtube]dgUWTquztGY[/youtube]