Motley Crue Stars Sketch Out Post-Crue Plans

Smashing Pumpkins' new album, Sixx A.M.'s record, Mick Mars' memoirs and new music from Vince Neil - fans have a lot to wait for...

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Motley Crue's recent conversation with the Toronto Sun (via Ultimate Classic Rock) touched on a few releases that fans are already aware of - such as the upcoming Smashing Pumpkins record that features appearances from Crue drummer Tommy Lee. And then, of course, there's the new album from Nikki Sixx's band Sixx: A.M.

Meanwhile, Mick Mars is said to be "writing songs for a solo project and possibly his memoirs," while singer Vince Neil vows it'll be business as usual for his solo career: "I'll continue making music and going out on tour, so I don't see not touring as part of my life. I love to be out on the road and I love to be in front of people, so I'll continue on."

On the Crue front, there's the new single "All Bad Things," and work continues on a long-gestating film adaptation of the band's memoirs called "The Dirt," currently in development with director Jeff Tremayne at the helm. No matter what, Sixx promises, you can expect to hear more music from the band's members long after they part ways.

"A friend of mine, Harry Nilsson, a great songwriter, used to live about two blocks from me and he'd retired and I would drive past his house and he'd be getting the mail in his robe. And I'd go, 'What's happening?' And he'd go, 'I'm retired,'" Sixx said before adding, "I'm not ready for that. Like Vince, there's a lot of creative juice left."

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    I don't understand who would want to see a solo Vince Neil show. He really is not capable of putting on a good performance anymore.
    Somehow I feel Vince will be the one affected by Motley Crue breaking up most moreso than the rest
    I don't know. I think Mick will be the one affected the most. Vince is the voice of MC. People will show up to his shows just to listen to some Crue songs. Sixx always has stuff going on with other music projects. Tommy? Well, Tommy will do whatever he wants. I don't see a problem with him getting gigs if he wants. Tommy is one of the few drummers out there that is a household name. That counts for something in this business. Now, Mick being sick and all, and without any solo work to build upon, might face a harder time. Sure, I look forward to his project, but the others have been working on their careers/options outside of MC for over a long time now.
    That's actually a good point Vince may be terrible live but people will see him perform old Motley songs regardless I guess. Mick while a great guitar player he may have a harder time finding an audience that aren't hardcore Crue fans. Still I reckon he'll be ok. I'm sure there are loads of people who'd want him to write and perform on their records
    I dont know if thats a bad thing mick might want to slow down a little with his health. Vince might feel it most just because he likes the touring and stadiums.
    I may be one of the few who likes sixx am, granted mostly because im a fan of Ashba, but their song writing is solid. I also liked his nikki sixxs radio show, thought it was pretty cool, so out of the group, I look forward to seeing what he puts out, I think his greatest skill is more in the process versus being great on stage as a musician with his playing.
    I actually enjoy some of his Solo tunes. Especially off the first album he did. Steve Stevens added a lot to it tho. Tattoos and Tequila was pretty groovy too.
    Seen them live last year, good show. Ole man Mars ripped it up !!
    kill it
    i totally agree, mick is the best in the band. but the last show i saw vince's voice was so bad my girlfriend and i started to laugh when he began singing. go to youtube and check out him singing livewire with steel panther, it's terrible. he can't do it anymore. nikki and tommy are not so great either, just passable. i think it is a good idea to end it. they definitely kicked some ass at one time, shout at the devil is classic.
    i just wish the crue would have released one more album together. saints of los angeles although not perfect, was a pretty decent album. i wouldn't mind having another one on the same level or above. the crue has been one of my favorite bands for a long time. i'm still depressed i missed their final show in my town last week but when your only 26 years old and none of your friends really listen to classic metal, its hard to find someone to go with. o well, at least i saw them in 2005 on the carnival of sins tour which was awesome.