Motley Crue Stars Sketch Out Post-Crue Plans

artist: Mötley Crüe date: 08/15/2014 category: music news
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Motley Crue Stars Sketch Out Post-Crue Plans
Motley Crue's recent conversation with the Toronto Sun (via Ultimate Classic Rock) touched on a few releases that fans are already aware of - such as the upcoming Smashing Pumpkins record that features appearances from Crue drummer Tommy Lee. And then, of course, there's the new album from Nikki Sixx's band Sixx: A.M.

Meanwhile, Mick Mars is said to be "writing songs for a solo project and possibly his memoirs," while singer Vince Neil vows it'll be business as usual for his solo career: "I'll continue making music and going out on tour, so I don't see not touring as part of my life. I love to be out on the road and I love to be in front of people, so I'll continue on."

On the Crue front, there's the new single "All Bad Things," and work continues on a long-gestating film adaptation of the band's memoirs called "The Dirt," currently in development with director Jeff Tremayne at the helm. No matter what, Sixx promises, you can expect to hear more music from the band's members long after they part ways.

"A friend of mine, Harry Nilsson, a great songwriter, used to live about two blocks from me and he'd retired and I would drive past his house and he'd be getting the mail in his robe. And I'd go, 'What's happening?' And he'd go, 'I'm retired,'" Sixx said before adding, "I'm not ready for that. Like Vince, there's a lot of creative juice left."
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