Motley Crue's Final Tour Is About Integrity, Manager Explains

"Their reasons for their decision are good reasons."

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Motley Crue manager Chris Nilsson recently spoke with Pollstar (via Blabbermouth) about the band’s upcoming retirement. As Nilsson reported, his reaction to the decision was one of support:

"It was a group decision. They had been talking about it for some time. To be honest, I can't even tell you how long. I respect their decision, I support their decision. Their reasons for their decision are good reasons. They've always been a band with integrity. I think maintaining their integrity is important to them, as a group and their legacy. It was one of those things where they had the full support of us as managers."

He also noted that Motley Crue's decision to retire was a positive one:

"This band has done things differently. Everything that they do is special. Their decision wasn't based on internal strife. Their decision was based on something positive, which is they want to preserve the legacy of Motley Crue. … They collectively think it's time to do this. It's not the decision of one member or two members. It's a mutual decision. … I certainly think this is a spectacular way to end a 33-year career. I think it's spectacular in the sense that because it's a mutual decision and because they are at the top of their game, they can in the next two years create something for the fans that's worthy of the fans' dollars."

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    It's about leaving Mick Mars enough in his retirement fund to cover his medical bills and twenty ex-wives. Poor Mick Mars, the Crue member with the least drama but the most problems.
    No, it's about squeezing the last drop of money out of idiots who like to tell people they like metal but don't actually like it, these guys are the original Avenged Sevenfold.
    Evolved people can enjoy more than one genre of music and more than one band. I know that's a hard concept for you to grasp but please make a little effort. While you're at it grow up a bit and realize your taste in music is not better than anyone else's and it doesn't give you the right to judge others.
    I'm actually a long time Crue fan, some of us (myself) have been since the 80s....but thanks for the insight chief.
    Yeah I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you there... I am a bonafide metal fan, and I can't help but find myself enjoying the Crue when one of their songs come on the radio or whatever. It's fun music.
    I am fully behind this, makes a change for an older band to quit before they make an ass of themselves and just release albums and do tours on the back of what they did in the 80s. We all know that bands that started out in the 80s are not gonna make music anywhere near as revolutionary now as they did back then. The only band that i genuinely think is making music worth listening to from that period is Iron Maiden.
    Bands of the eighties making "revolutionary music", it never happened. Iron Maiden were a very poor version of Judas Priest. Crue didn't rip anyone off because they weren't able to play well enough to copy someone else.
    F*cking lol. Maiden and Priest have completely different sounds. Open your damn ears
    actually I have heard motley refereed to as "Cheap Trick with leather and distortion" And By the Way I have liked the crue since the early 80s