Motley Crue's Mick Mars Attacked During a Concert by a Stage-Storming Fan

62-year-old axeman goes through a frightening moment during a Canadian concert as an unnamed man rushes the stage.

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With the age of 62 and an early ankylosing spondylitis diagnosis dating back to his youth, Motley Crue axeman Mick Mars is by far the most fragile member of the infamous glam rock outfit. This made the actions of a stage-storming fan during their May 4 performance in the Canadian city of Estevan all the more frightening.

The unnamed attacker decided to rush the stage while the band was delivering the finishing moments of their "Primal Scream" track, knocking Mars down to the ground and grabbing frontman Vince Neil just to be tackled by security and taken off stage.

"What the f--k is wrong with you, you f--king idiot?!" said the visibly agitated drummer Tommy Lee.

Although the band was uncertain on whether they'll return to wrap up the concert, the four-piece did ultimately get back on stage and gave fans the regular show closing.

Luckily, Mars managed to go through the entire incident without any serious injuries. "Thank all of you for your concerns about me being knocked down last night I'm alright nothing broken," the guitarist tweeted. "My body guard Rhyno got two busted ribs."

The group has now continued with the tour regularly and is currently preparing to take on a finishing set of seven concert dates in Canada. You can check out the remainder of the Canadian trek's itinerary, as well as the video of the entire incident below.

05/06 - Brandon, MB - Keystone Centre 05/07 - Winnipeg, MB - MTS Centre 05/09 - Subdury, ON - Sudbury Area 05/10 - Hamilton, ON - Copps Coliseum 05/11 - Oshawa, ON - General Motors Centre 05/13 - Montréal, QC - Centre Bell 05/14 - Ottawa, ON - Scotiabank Place

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    Nikki Sixx Should Kick The Guy More Than Once!!
    "Here Vince, hold my bass. I gotta go kick this fool!" (Respect for the equipment.)
    What a ****ing wanker! You're right; Nikki should have kicked his ass. Instead of kicking him, maybe go old school and use his bass on the guy's shoulder.... (Hardcore Mick Mars fan here, so I'm a little ticked off with this incident)
    considering what happened with Pantera, I'm really not surprised that Nikki would want to beat that guy down. You never know what someone's intentions are. No one should ever get onto the stage, unless invited.
    I don't agree. No one should kick anybody!!
    Anyone who knocks down a man whos basically disabled deserves a couple of kicks.
    so if someone did that to your dad you wouldn't want to kick their ass? I sure would!!!!!
    my first thought was "doesn't Mick Mars Have a debilitating spinal problem? Not good.". Glad he's okay, and nothing bad happened like the Dimebag incident.
    After Dime and the Randy incident people should know getting on the stage at shows just shouldn't happen.
    amir razmara
    What would you do if someone kicked in the front door of your house trying to attack you? would you kick him or reward him? I would kick his ass.....well done Nikki Sixx
    And there goes Canada's reputation as the friendliest nation on the planet
    Come on, how can you not love someone who turns "about" into "a bolt"?
    Canadian beer sucks
    If I knew my guitar player had serious bone issues and was as frail as Mick is, Id have done exactly was Nikki did, if not more. Im glad Mick is okay. He is the only member of that band that I still have respect for.
    He's 62?! Wow, I thought they were all in their late 40s/early 50s... BTW love the kick @0:10 XD
    I was surprised too, I just looked it up, he's 10-12 years older than the other three.