Motley Crue's Tommy Lee Wants to Add Fan to His Farewell Drum Solo

Lee's solo sees the rocker move around the venue on a rollercoaster track where he is flipped upside down while performing.

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Motley Crue's Tommy Lee wants to add fan to his drum solo on the band's farewell tour, Hennemusic reports.

Billed as "The Cruecifly", Lee's solo sees the rocker move around the venue on a rollercoaster track where he is flipped upside down while performing.

"I wanted to add an extra seat," the drummer tells ABC News Radio, "because I wanted to take a fan with me, which we may still do. We're still kinda messing around with the insurance company, because it's one thing to insure me over the audience, but it's another to insure another just regular folk that I pick out of the crowd. That's a whole other animal, so we're working on it."

Lee has performed stunts during his solo for years, and he says "The Cruecifly" tops them all.

"I've been wanting to do [this] my whole life, and [other tours have been] leading up to this," he explains. "This is like the mothership."

Lee and Motley Crue recently kicked off their farewell tour after more than three decades together.

The two-year treak, billed as "The Final Tour," sees the band on the road with special guest Alice Cooper.

North American dates will wrap up November 22 in Spokane, Washington.

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    Not sure if he wants a fan to do a drum solo with him or if he wants to crucify a fan on his roellecoaster drum track.
    100% the "fan" will be the hottest girl in the audience lol Tommy is such a badass
    I don't like the roller coaster drum rig. Sorry, but I miss the classic cage one's he would back in the day.
    The video I saw of the crucifly on YouTube just had him playing along a terrible dance track. Not much soloing going on. The rollercoaster itself is pretty insane, but I had hoped for an actual solo.
    he may not be the greatest drummer in the world (nowhere near it actually, no disrespect), but holy **** does he make up for it with his showmanship
    He should also add some skills to his playing as well. *flushes wife beater Tommy down the toilet ov Hell*
    Scott O
    drum solos = boring
    10 minute long ones yeah, but I'm quite partial to a minute or so of skin smashing show-offery. For some reason its more appealing to me than a 'wanky' guitar solo
    Check out Neil Peart's solo on the Rush 30th anniversary tour and prepared to have your mind blown the f**k away.