Motorhead Drummer: 'Lemmy is Not Doing So Well Right Now'

"He is devastated beyond belief," said Mikkey Dee as the band is forced to cancel European tour.

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Despite the group recently reassuring fans about the health of Lemmy Kilmister, it seems that Motorhead frontman is in worse shape than anyone initially thought.

Drummer Mikkey Dee gave the Swedish newspaper Alfonbladet an honest update of the entire situation, revealing that the iconic singer/bassist is "devastated beyond belief" as he faces multiple health issues.

"Everything started with him falling and getting a nasty blow to his hip a little over a week ago," Dee said (via Loudwire). "Following his fall, Lemmy had more bad luck when a fire alarm went off at the hotel Royal Kensington in London where he was staying. He had to walk eight stairs in the middle of the night. Lemmy's personal assistant said that that was f--ked up and that he had an injured hip."

The stickman continued, saying, "He needs to have his body drained of fluid and that can't be done too quickly. When he remains in bed and can't move, he can easily get pneumonia ... If you can't move properly, other issues will follow. He is devastated beyond belief. It has a bigger effect on him than it would anyone else. It's like chopping off a piano player's hands. This is his life."

"I am worried because he's not doing so well right now," the drummer added. "But he's improving, even though it takes longer for him than anyone else to become well. Now that the doctors feel that he shouldn't go out an play you'll just have to accept that order."

Meanwhile, the band was forced to cancel the remainder of European tour dates, as Kilmister is clearly not capable of performing.

"The doctors in Berlin are recommending that he rests for another couple of weeks," Dee said in a separate GT interview. "We can't keep canceling show after show, it's too costly. Therefore, we unfortunately have to cancel the entire tour. There will be an official announcement regarding his health shortly ... We're really sorry. But we're not canceling because of a cold and this is something we've put a lot of thought into ... It's so f--king typical, but what are you going to do? You have to put health before everything else."

In related news, Tony Iommi talked about Kilmister in the upcoming issue of Metal Hammer, calling him a "one-off."

"I remember on one occasion, Lemmy came into our dressing room with a birthday cake for me," Iommi said. "But it wasn't Lemmy as you'd expect to see him. He had on a black dress, stockings and high heels and was wearing make-up. He looked a right sight. Did I fancy him?! You're joking! It's still Lemmy! He is a one-off. We will never see his like again."

More info is expected to drop soon. The new Motorhead record, "Aftershock," is currently set for a fall release.

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    Fuckin sad news... Hope he get better fast, I never seen them live and I absolutely have to!
    They are touring all the time, where on earth are you holed up?
    Thrash Addict
    They came to where I live last year, or the year before with Judas Priest and BLS, but the worst seats (I dont remember if it was lawn, or if it was the worst seats outside lawn seats) were over $90! I wish I could have gone, but it was just too expensive.
    Motorhead was my first ever gig, I was Stone Deaf For(ever) 3 days. It was amazing.
    Me too. Liverpool 1990. Fucking great. Then saw them for te second time 3 weeks ago at Download. Get well Lemmy!
    Im not a motorhead fan but this is shitty. Hopefully he gets to retire at least, hes put in so many years that he deserves a few with his money. He is at that age.
    I'm not in to their music (sounds like shit live if you ask me) and even I've seen them on random festivals, you need to get out more.
    if youve got a problem with the band that wrote Overkill you should put your instrument down cause you simply dont understand rock n roll
    My problem isn't that. They just sound shit live. I'm sure back in their glory days it wasn't the case, but these days lemmy is harder to understand than a metal singer that has a aching throat.
    I saw them at Download 2008 and they were awesome - they even played 'Rosalie' in tribute to Phil Lynott and it was sweet!
    Lemmy IS God. Get well soon \m/
    Fuckin pissed I was supposed to see them in few weeks.. Get well Lemmy!
    It would be tragic if he ended up like Jeff Anyways, has anyone noticed how some of the most important persons in rock are kinda...dying these days? Is that some conspiracy?
    That would be because good Rock Musicians stopped being spawned several years ago and the best rock musicians are all around the age where excess can and will (normally - unless you're Keith Richards of course) take you.
    You can say that if you want, doesn't change the fact that he will die.
    Well, if he's going to get ill at least he's doing it in the most extreme way possible. But this isn't cool. Get well soon Lem. \m/ or /m\ (lowered in respect)
    "Despite the group recently reassuring fans about the health of Lemmy Kilmister, it seems that Motorhead frontman is in worse shape than anyone initially thought." That's not exactly true is it, some people thought he was dead. Anyway, I wish Lemmy a speedy recovery.
    "He needs to have his body drained of fluid and that can't be done too quickly" AKA Paracentesis, meaning liver failure. Jeez...
    theres a documentary where scott ian talks about how he met up with Lemmy and the guy hands out bottles of JD like you and I hand a beer to your friends when they first show up to party. Fukin rock and roll
    Nope. The correct term for liver failure is Liver Failure. Paracentesis is just taking a sample, not draining.
    Ascites is the accumulation of serous fluid in the peritoneal space due to liver failure and is remedied, not cured, by draining with ultrasound guided needle paracentesis.
    Man, this sucks. But honestly, it was only a matter of time before his drinking and smoking and god knows what else caught up with him.
    This article is both encouraging and discouraging, but at least Mikkey says he is slowly taking the right steps to get better. Stay strong Lemmy, we need you!
    he also has diabetes I don't think he even takes his shots be better take care
    This is really sad, was anticipating to see Motrhead in Gothenburg this week. All the best of wishes for him to get well soon.
    Valar Morghulis
    I'm gonna kill the one dat liked this news...
    The like/dislike feature is whether or not you like the way the article is written, edited, referenced etc. Not whether you like the actual news.
    Arfing Thumb
    I was so happy to hear they would play at Wacken this year. Really sad. Hope he will be fine soon.
    I think I may well shoot myself in the head if Lemmy clocks it. Music will never be the same without him - best wishes to the man.
    Quite a few people I know are acting like he's already ****ing buried, he's not at his best, obviously, but currently the prognosis is good as long as Lemmy takes things easy for a while. He's not dead yet.
    Motorhead were my first ever gig. Liverpool 1990. Fucking great. Then saw them for the second time 3 weeks ago at Download. Guy rocked as hard as he did 23 years ago. Get well Lemmy!
    Black Sabbath, Slayer, Motorhead, all getting struck with severe conditions all within half a year of each other - my idols are taking a beating... get well soon Lemmeister!
    Get well Lemmy for you are NOT born to lose... Or whatever the heck but whatever get well mate we don't need another on the list.
    seems like his time might be coming soon guys... very sad. He will be missed, I hope he holds out a bit longer!
    As much as I enjoy Motorhead and respect Lemmy, it is quite a wonder the guy is still alive at all. With that lifestyle you can't expect to become 90 years old; although it seems he's doing his best to beat the damn odds.