Motorhead Headphones U.S. Launch Set For Consumer Electronics Show

Motorhead will unveil the official U.S. launch of Motorheadphones at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 8th.

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Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister will host an exclusive press conference to introduce the new product.

Motorheadphones has had unprecedented success throughout Europe prior to making their US debut. The new product features professional audio quality, tooled to reproduce rock music or any played music. Motorheadphones give smooth warm bass, bombastic drums and clear mid-range plus distinct high-end because of the 40mm neodymium high power speakers that takes 6-10 times more power than a standard headphone.

With the knowledge of using studio headphones for decades, Motorhead has made the mid and high frequencies so clear that you can easily separate the instruments from each other. Motorheadphones allow anyone to enjoy the same music as professional musicians do in the studio, HenneMusic reports.

Models are smart phone-capable and are equipped with the newly developed microphone Controlizer which is one of the most advanced remote controls on the market today. MSRP range from $49.99-$129.99 and the product was recently named one of the best headphones in the world by UK's newspaper The Independent.

"These new headphones are not like the weak-kneed, lily-livered, tin-pot, skinny sounding little pieces of garbage out on the market today," said Lemmy. "We designed these headphones to deliver everything louder than anything else and with the sort of range, clarity and TRUE rock reproduction you'd expect from a band of warriors like us."

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    Bout time they make headphones for metal and rock. Beats were designed for hip hop and suck major arse when it came to blasting some Motrhead on them. Beats couldn't handle metal.
    why pay more than 20 dollars.most people now a days are deaf anyway playing music too loud
    I bought some expensive headphones to avoid hearing damage. Due to sound isolation I now only have to put on 1/3 of the volume I used to have on. Money well spent that is!
    Sounds pretty cool, glad to see they are not way overpriced like beats audio, (sound like crap anyway) I'll remain sceptical about the product as studio clarity and audiophile consumer audio aren't the same thing one requires loudness and separation the other to complement the mastered product...
    It's ironic that the biggest audiophiles in the world are Neil Young and apparently Lemmy, because they're early albums had some of the worst sound quality i've ever heard on a record. Metropolis and Hey Hey My My Seem like good examples. The ultimate irony is that no matter how good they make headphones, they will never achieve the sound quality of open air speakers.
    Let's keep in mind that Motorhead were completely broke during their first few albums and at the time they just wanted to be the loudest and rudest band in the world.
    Don't forget to get Motrhead Vodka and Motrhead Wine while at it. And a Motrhead rolling pin, Motrhead pencil holder and another ton of things no member of Motrhead ever gathered any expertise in and have that label purely random. I was a bit disappointed that they actually featured this crud in a recent TV show appearance. What I really would buy was bobble head figures of the band.