Motorhead Hope Headbang Injury Fan Is Okay

Mikkey Dee says he'll send 50-year-old a helmet and a neckbrace.

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Motorhead hope a fan who developed bleeding on the brain after attending one of their shows will forgive them, Classic Rock reports.

The man was treated at Hannover Medical School in Germany after complaining of a constant headache in the weeks after a spending a night headbanging at the gig a few weeks before. It was discovered he had developed a subdural haematoma on his brain.

Drummer Mikkey Dee tells TeamRock that he felt bad when heard about the 50-year-old German fan's medical complaint, but added that at least it confirmed Motorhead is the hardest rocking band in the world.

Dee says: "The first thing I thought was, 'Oh, no, poor guy.' Of course, we don't want anyone to get hurt at our shows. And it obviously had a happy ending I guess. They said, 'It's confirmed, Motorhead is the hardest-rocking band in the world.'

"I feel for the guy. I'm sorry for him that he ended up getting injured that bad from being at a Motorhead show. But I think we're gonna send him a hockey helmet and maybe a neck brace or something. He's gotta take it a little bit cooler.

"This sh-t happens to us all the time. We said all these years that we're like Spinal Tap and no script. If it is gonna be any band that ends up with these type of stories, it's obviously us. I'm not surprised. I just don't like when it's injury involved or people getting hurt, but if it does have a happy ending, yeah, I'm sure the guy can forgive us."

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    What exactly is the happy ending here? The guy has internal bleeding but it's ok because Motörhead rocks?
    Not all stories have happy endings, don't forget. Though, I guess the brighter side is that the fan got something from the band as a more positive way to think about having a blood clot...
    He's 50, and head banging.... I notice that part was only mentioned once, while motorhead was listed 3 times as "rocking that hard"
    I don't see how this could have happened after going to one show and headbanging; unless he was literally banging it into a wall. A 50 year old Motorhead fan likely spent years and years headbanging to all kinds of metal bands and now that shit has caught up to him. I feel sorry for the guy but I have doubts that this is a one-time deal.