Motorhead Launching Cruise

MotorBoat to set sail this fall.

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Motorhead have announced details of their first ever cruise. Titled the MotorBoat, the ship is set to sail this fall.

As Hennemusic notes, the cruise will sail from Miami, Florida to Key West and Cozumel. Dates and full line-up are yet to be announced. Fans will be able to find out more at Motorheadcruise.сom.

The news comes after Motorhead cancelled their Spring European tour because of Lemmy's ongoing health issues. Motorhead's manager Todd Singerman recently stated that the front man is still struggling with various vices that are affecting the band's shows:

"He didn't wanna cancel. But what was gonna go down is what happened in Europe over the summer. See, he f--ked up in Europe. He was supposed to rest for three months, and he refused. He ended up doing that show [Wacken Open Air in August], which he wasn't supposed to do, and it ended up being 105 degrees out there. He's playing direct in the f--king sun.

"The only thing I'm proud of him for is stopping when it didn't feel good. That was smart of him. The bottom line is that he needs to find a balance and then live that balance for a few months. But we can't find the balance yet. He has great days and then he f--ks it up. And when you f--k up, you go backwards."

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    Why do I have the feeling that this has something to do with Lemmys doctor telling him to spend more time relaxing at the sea.
    *tips fedora*
    Motorboat? I'd like to believe Lemmy came up with the entire concept just to make that joke. F*cking legend.
    Mikkey Dee actually has a boat called "Motörboat" . He is a good friend of my girlfriends family. He is a very kind person actually!
    I'd pay to see a movie made about how I imagine it will be like."From the makers of 'The Boat that Rocked' comes 'The Boat that metalled the ocean raised Ctulu got him wasted and spit him back into his realm.'"
    Lemmy after years of playing rock n'roll is taking some free time. I only wonder why Lemmy didn't choose U-Boot
    I hate to say it but it does like its the end of the road for Lemmy. I take no pleasure in that - the guy is a legend and I have nothing but respect for the uncompromising way he has lived his life. Its a great lesson to us all. He is however 68 and keeps cancelling. Go out on top Lemmy and only do the boat shows if you can really deliver and announce that it will be your last shows - the boat will sell out and it will be awesome - go out on top !