Motorhead: 'Lemmy Is on the Mend'

artist: Motörhead date: 07/18/2013 category: music news
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Motorhead: 'Lemmy Is on the Mend'
Motorhead say that frontman Lemmy is recovering from his recent health scare, and they're still set to release new album "Aftershock" in September. Lemmy gave fans a scare in June when an internal blood swelling forced the band to cancel a series of major festival sets. The band had to reassure fans that the legendary bassist and singer was still alive, though they later admitted that he hadn't been following doctor's orders and that he had been in a pretty serious state. "Hey, everyone out there," said guitarist Phil Campbell in an online update. "Better prepare yourselves big time, 'cos our mind-blowing new record, 'Aftershock', will be coming out! Lemmy is on the mend and we are gonna be touring our asses off!!! Business as usual real soon!" "Aftershock" follows their 2010 effort "The World is Yours" and was produced with Cameron Webb at Maple Sound Studios in California. Meanwhile, Campbell will be performing festivals with his side project, the Phil Campbell All Star Band. "I am very excited to announce that I will be playing Bloodstock on August 11th with my new band, featuring members of Straight Lines, the People the Poet, Dopamine and Attack Attack. It's gonna be a lot of fun so come along and rock out with us!"
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