Motorhead Manager on Lemmy's Addictions: 'He Doesn't Grasp That He's Just Trading One Demon for the Other'

Manager offers grim prognosis for Motorhead frontman.

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While Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister has often downplayed his recent health tribulations in interviews, the band's manager is offering a somewhat more grim prognosis of the situation. Speaking with Decibel magazine (via Blabbermouth), Todd Singerman has revealed that Lemmy's condition is still in flux, and that the singer is struggling to give up his vices:

"[Lemmy's] been up and down. He's got a really bad diabetic problem, and it changes on a daily basis. A lot of it is just fighting the bad habits, the things that he's not supposed to do anymore. He's stopped smoking, but he probably sneaks Jack and Coke here and there. He'd be lying to you if he said he stopped. He's been trying to substitute it with wine, and I'm sure he's slowed down on the speed. He thinks wine's better than Jack, but it's still got tons of sugar, you know? He doesn't grasp that he's just trading one demon for the other. That was the compromise with the doctors, by the way - trade the Jack for the wine. But he doesn't tell them he's drinking two f--king bottles, either. These are the battles we're up against. Keep in mind, he's been doing all this stuff on a daily basis since Hendrix. And it's coming to roost. It's sad for him, because he's gotten away with this stuff for all this time."

Singerman also revealed that he made Motorhead postpone their European tour because Lemmy wasn't ready:

"He didn't wanna cancel. But what was gonna go down is what happened in Europe over the summer. See, he f--ked up in Europe. He was supposed to rest for three months, and he refused. He ended up doing that show [Wacken Open Air in August], which he wasn't supposed to do, and it ended up being 105 degrees out there. He's playing direct in the f--king sun. The only thing I'm proud of him for is stopping when it didn't feel good. That was smart of him. The bottom line is that he needs to find a balance and then live that balance for a few months. But we can't find the balance yet. He has great days and then he f--ks it up. And when you f--k up, you go backwards."

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    If the legend has had his time he lived it his way . Met him when I was still in uniform , he took the time to thank us for serving the Union Jack (not Daniels!) . Cool guy , I wish him well . (he even gave a throaty chuckle when I admitted to preffering Maiden over Motorhead!)
    I understand that they want lemmy to stay around forever, and me too. But ya know what, that man has lived for decades doing what he enjoys. If he wasn't to live whats left of his life smoking, drinking jack, and doing speed then all the power too him. The man has paid his dues he owes nobody anything.
    Love how he slipped in "...and I'm sure he's slowed down on the speed". Ummmm...
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    The issue here is if he stops he actually might die faster. Our bodies adapt to the conditions they are given. For example, if someone has been drinking caffeinated beverages daily for 20 years and they stop, they can black out or have complications health-wise. The same can happen with drugs and Lemmy has been doing them for half a century.
    Nailed it. My ex-girlfriend's Nan has actually been advised to not quit smoking, since it would be too much of a shock to the system.
    He's getting older and it's really safe to say that he lived life to the fullest. No reason for him to slow down now, it won't do him much good. I'm almost positive he's immortal anyways.
    I am so sick of all these people saying Lemmy wont die, hes immortal, he's god. Sorry guys, but he will die, and pretty soon by the sounds of it. I've got absolutely nothing against his lifestyle choices, I hugely respect his don't give a **** attitude, its the unbearable teenagers making the same old 'jokes' on every single Lemmy story. But whatever, I hope he's feeling better soon and can get back on the stage to do what he does best.
    For the man I idolise, I won't lie, it's hero worship for me, he's done what he set out to do, and his mission will continue long after he can no longer pick up his bass, when he can no longer draw breath into his lungs and be able to sing his gospel unto the world. I will actually shed a tear when he goes, but I will continue with all the things that he has taught me, all the things that Motorhead has given me, because that legacy goes on. I raise a pint of Jack and Coke to him, I raise every pint to him. A king among humanity, let the king enjoy the years he has left. "All hail the King!"
    I truly have the good guy on one shoulder saying he should stop, and the bad guy on the other shoulder saying party on Lemmy.
    I homebrew beer, and while I don't make wine I have to say that sugar isn't the problem with it. Sugar is what yeast breaks down to make the alcohol- there shouldn't be a significant amount of sugar in your wine unless it was added or you killed the yeast before it was finished doing its job. The problem with wine is how acidic it is, not the sugar content. Still, beer and wine are actually nutritious rather than hard liquor. How many of you guys have drank wine and thought "Wow, that's really sugary!"?
    Wine in moderation is said to actually be quite healthy for you as well, but yeah as me and my dad are both homebrewers, I can confirm your statement.
    Jacques Nel
    I'm seeing more respect for Lemmy and his condition than I did for Nelson Mandela when he was on his deathbed. Pretty awesome actually. Hope things get better Lemmy. Can't imagine a world without Motorhead in it.
    This Manager should be looking for a new job. There are certain things you shouldn't do, one of those things is run your mouth about private matters to reporters.
    It must be really hard for Lemmy to make these lifestyle changes. He obviously doesn't want to stop what he has been doing his whole life, but he is also facing the possibility that he may not be able to perform any more if he doesn't make a significant change, or worse, death. I'm sure he loves playing music more than the jack and speed and that music will triumph in the end! He has already lived 10 lives in 1!