Motorhead on Lemmy's Health: 'The Show Had to Go On, That's How He Rolls'

artist: Motörhead date: 08/07/2013 category: music news
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Motorhead on Lemmy's Health: 'The Show Had to Go On, That's How He Rolls'
Lemmy Kilmister's latest health scare once again had the rock community worried, with several circulating rumors of Motorhead frontman's death only making matters worse. Therefore, hard rock legends decided to reassure their fanbase that Lemmy's condition isn't as bad as it might seem, confirming they'll once again be back on stage. "The show had to go on because that's how Lemmy rolls," the official announcement reads. "Even though he was not 100 percent fit, he refused to feel he was letting the 85,000 Wacken fans down. They kicked ass in the 100+ degree heat for a shortened, but powerful, set before, Lemmy finally realized he might have bitten off a little more than he could chew. "Thus he will embark upon the recuperation recommended. We know that rumors are flying around, but once he fully recharges, Motorhead will be back, don't you worry!" As previously reported, Kilmister's health issues forced him to cut the band's Wacken festival performance last Friday (August 2) short only six songs into the set. "Lemmy did not look or sound good at all and could not continue the set," Metal on Metal radio show host Bill Peters reported live from the show. "Phil Campbell did a guitar solo before 'The Chase Is Better Than the Catch' while Lemmy left the stage. The solo ended but Lemmy did not return. There was eerie silence on the stage for several minutes. Lemmy came back to play one more song (my favorite Motorhead song) but left the stage immediately after it ended." Once Lemmy recuperates, Motorhead are expected to continue working on their upcoming studio effort "Aftershock." Tentatively due this fall, "The World is Yours" follow-up will mark the 21st release in the band's catalogue. You can check out the abbreviated concert video below.
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