Motorhead Postpone European Tour Due to Lemmy's Health Issues

"Don't worry - I'm not about to start promoting veganism and alcohol-free beverages," Kilmister reassures fans.

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Lemmy Kilmister's health struggles have forced Motorhead to additional concert delays, as the frontman himself confirmed that the band will postpone their upcoming European tour until early 2014. In an official announcement, Lemmy expressed disappointment for being left with no other choice, but also reassured fans that he'll come back "stronger than ever" in the near future. "We have made the decision because I am not quite ready to hit the road yet, and am working my way back to full fitness and rude health," Kilmister said. "Don't worry - I'm not about to start promoting veganism and alcohol-free beverages, but it is fair to say that I personally have been reconfiguring areas of my life to make sure I can come back fitter and stronger than ever." The frontman continued, "It disappointed me tremendously to have to say I wasn't quite ready to hit the road yet, but not nearly as much as it would've disappointed me to go out, play some average shows and watch my health give way long before the tour was over! When people come to see a Motorhead tour, they expect a Motorhead show, and that is exactly what you will get as soon as I am fit and ready to rumble." Finally, Lemmy ended his post on an optimistic note, thanking fans for their support and understanding. "I'm getting stronger and stronger every day, so watch out next spring Europe and we will see you then," he concluded. According to the official website, the tour is scheduled to restart in February. The band's latest effort, "Aftershock," dropped on October 21 through UDR Gmbh.

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    When I see "come back stronger than ever", I can only hope it's not like when Obi-Wan told Vader a similar statement. Dude's gone through some serious shit. Get well, Lemmy. Rock music needs you. The world needs you.
    If LEMMY says that Lemmy needs to rest, you f*cking know he actually does! Take as much time as you need, Lem. I want the full Lemmy experience for next year!
    I have no worries, the lemmy is immortal. If the world got nuked only cockroaches and lemmy would survive.
    The man is 68 for god sake, he can continue to make records and stop touring.