Motorhead Were Also Blamed For Fan Injured At Concert

artist: Motörhead date: 08/02/2012 category: music news
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Motorhead Were Also Blamed For Fan Injured At Concert
Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee says his band were once chased in an attempt to blame them for an injury sustained by a fan who decided to jump from a balcony while they played. It's a similar situation to the current ordeal of Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe, who's been behind bars in Prague since June. Blythe remains in jail without charge in the Czech Republic having paid $200,000 bail which was later doubled a month ago. He was arrested in connection with an incident in 2010 when fan Daniel Nosek voluntarily invaded Lamb Of God's stage several times, during which he may have sustained the head injury which led to his death four weeks later. Dee tells Artisan News: One guy years ago threw himself from the second floor in a theatre and ended up breaking his back on one of the seats. And they came after us for that. I don't really know what to tell you it's not very healthy to jump off the second floor. You should stop doing that. And he says Motorhead have their own experience of the legal system in the Czech Republic: There was a small brawl at the hotel with some of the crew, he explains. They couldn't bring a beer into that hotel bar and it escalated into something ridiculous. It ended up with a few guys arrested for really nothing. They said, You can't come over here and do what you did.' And we go, What did we do?' There's two sides to every story, I suppose. Meanwhile, Prague Post reporter Jonathan Crane says the lack of openness from Czech authorities on the Blythe case is frustrating. Blabbermouth reports the journalist saying: The police were very uncooperative when responding to my questions. It seems to be slow going we just have to hope the courts do their job. We've spoken to legal experts who said the defence team has quite a strong case because even if Blythe did push the fan off the stage, it's difficult to prove that alone was responsible for the fan's death. Even if Randy does get released from prison he'll have to wait six months for his trial. The question of whether the vocalist would be freed was supposed to have been resolved at a final court hearing last week. It's not known whether the hearing took place. Czech authorities insist they told their US counterparts about the case in 2010, but Lamb Of God were never notified there were any legal issues about returning to the former Soviet state. A White House petition calling for action over the situation has significantly passed the 25,000 signature limit which requires politicians to respond, but they have not yet done so. Thanks for the report to
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