Motorhead's Lemmy Still Unable to Perform, Band Cancels Rescheduled Tour

Frontman also pessimistic about rock's future, worries that nobody will be able to carry on the torch.

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Rock icons Motorhead were forced to cancel their rescheduled European tour dates, as Lemmy Kilmister's health issues are still preventing the legendary frontman from getting back on the road.

As the official release reads, "no-one is hurting more over this than Lemmy, and he feels the aggravation and inconvenience of every ticket, and every method of transportation, already paid for by loyal fans in anticipation of the tour.

"Being a road warrior of over 50 dedicated, non-stop years, it is equally distressing for him to be unable to occupy the top lounge of the trusty tour bus (his spiritual home) but Lemmy recognizes that his long-term health must win," the announcement continues. "It goes without saying that Lemmy profusely apologizes for inconveniences caused, but he does want everyone to know that he is continuing on the road to a full recovery, and that the prognosis long-term is very good."

As the post notes, "many concerted, diligent and focused efforts were made by founding member, and international icon, Lemmy Kilmister to deal with a range of health issues relating to diabetes," confirming an "undoubted progress" on singer's behalf, but still not enough to resume touring.

"Rome was not built in a day ... like Lemmy's health," the release concludes. "But there is some strong light at the end of the tunnel here ... we thank you so very much for your continued love, support and understanding."

Recently chatting with Rolling Stone, Lemmy thanked fans for their devoted support, saying, "Oh, man, the fans were unbelievable when I got sick. No bitching. It was all 'Take your time, get better. Don't worry, we'll wait for you. Get well.'"

During the same interview, Kilmister also addressed the future state of rock music, expressing a big concern for young acts able to carry on the torch. "There's nobody now," he said. "There is going to be a huge hole, and nobody to step into it. I think it's important music. It's the constant music of this generation and the last one and the last one."

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    It's no wonder that he's still struggling after what he's been through and the life he's led. Even Gods are mortal. Best of luck on recovery, Lemmy.
    I hope Lenny gets better soon. But also there are plenty of great rock bands out there today if you look for them. Rock just isn't as commercially successful as it use to be - and that's the industry, not the bands.
    Colgate Total
    I'm glad I got to see Motorhead live at least once. Gigantour. They stole the show.
    Same here, Sonisphere Knebworth 2011
    Wait...Do my eyes deceive me? Did you actually post without saying 'bellend' I need to sit down. Never been a huge fan of Motorhead, but I hope for his own sake, and his fans Lemmy makes a swift recovery.
    The last piece of the article sorta hit me in a sore spot. Everyone's fuzzing over who's going to be carrying on the torch, but who was actually carrying it in the first place? It's always been about different great bands doing something interesting for music, and nothing's going to change. There used to be bands like Motorhead, now there's The Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age and a lot of other bands, and i don't see why they would stop coming. Music is just changing, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. The music of this generation is just as good as the last, its just different.
    I agree, sick of seeing 'music is dead' nonsense, we still have old bands like metallica, megadeth, dream theatre, producing albums. Then bands like Foo's, QOTSA and RHCP making kick-ass music, and newer bands breaking through. There's plenty of music out there, and there always will be! obviously there are more bands, but these are personally 6 of my favourite that still continue to make music.
    He's had diabetes since 2000 and hasn't quit drinking Jack with Coke. Now it's the result. Anyways it sucks, get better soon Lemmy!
    this man is hardcore living. After all these years of touring, performing, and drinking... man you gotta be wasted by now. Hope he gets well soon.
    Motorhead sure have the best fans. Seen him four times live and would love to see him a couple more! Take your time Lemmy. Motorhead for life!
    I was due to see them for the second time next month with Saxon. 2 of my favourite bands under one roof. It sucks, but at the end of the day, I'd rather wait 'til later this year or next year and have Lemmy stick around for a few more albums than have him push his luck on a tour he probably can't handle.
    We want you healthy and strong,Lemmy!Take your time and get well!