Mudhoney Frontman Calls STP a 'Copycat Band'

artist: Mudhoney date: 01/08/2014 category: music news
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Mudhoney Frontman Calls STP a 'Copycat Band'
Discussing the early days of grunge, Mudhoney frontman Mark Arm singled out a few acts he considers the scene's copycats, most notably the Stone Temple Pilots.

The frontman is considered to be the one responsible for coining the word "grunge," and as he explains it, the term initially didn't refer to the specific musical genre. "Before it became a noun it was used as an adjective," Arm told Tone Deaf. "You know, like, 'It's a grungy sounding guitar,' If you just sort of apply that to a small group of bands in Seattle, some of who sound slicker than others, that really works for me. But I don't really care about it."

Mark continued, taking a brief jab at a few prominent acts along the way. "A couple of years ago we were getting questions about the grunge movement and that just sort of seemed strange to me," he said. "What most people were talking about was a handful of bands that started in Seattle, and then maybe afterwards there were sort of copycat bands around the world - Bush in the UK, Stone Temple Pilots in California, and Silverchair in Australia.

"I think what was happening in Seattle was an organic thing because these were a small group of people going to shows and seeing each other play. It wasn't a movement. It wasn't like a worldwide thing."

Would you consider any of these bands a copycat act? Let us know in the comments.
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