Mumford & Sons Match Beatles Record

artist: Mumford and Sons date: 10/08/2012 category: general music news

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Mumford & Sons Match Beatles Record
Mumford & Sons have matched a record set by The Beatles in 1964 with a whopping six songs in the Billboard 100. It follows the tearaway success of their album "Babel" which had sold more than 600,000 copies by Friday - more than any other album this year. They were helped by having their album on Spotify, where all twelve songs on the album are part of the On-Demand chart which ranks songs based on streams over the week. The "Glee" cast had previously put nine songs in the top 100, but chart-makers consider them a group rather than a band. "Number Two was the best we got with [first album] 'Sigh No More' so it would be amazing [to get number one]," said Ted Dwayne from the band (via NME). "Obviously no-one's going to wish against a Number One record but I know Green Day have an album out and they're a pretty big hitter. If you told me in the '90s that I'd be in a chart battle with Green Day, I probably would have just laughed at you." What do you think of Mumford & Sons surprise success? Is there something about their folk roots which strike a chord with US listeners? Share your theories in the comments.
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