Mumford & Sons Smash Records

artist: Mumford & Sons date: 10/05/2012 category: music news
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Mumford & Sons Smash Records
Mumford & Sons have set a record for this year in the US after selling 600,000 copies of their album "Babel" in its first week. It currently puts the album at the top of the Billboard album chart, ahead of "Uno!" by Green Day and "Push & Shove" by No Doubt. It is the second biggest digital sale ever, and the fastest selling rock album since AC/DC's "Black Ice" in 2008. What makes it even more impressive is that the album was released on the independent label Glassnote Records, and that their debut album "Sigh No More" is back in the top 20. Music industry observers were fascinated to see that "Babel" was given a boost by being available in full on Spotify. The group Alt-J saw a similar boost to their fan base after streaming their debut album in its entirety on their website via Soundcloud. In the past, some labels were concerned that availability on Spotify would reduce album sales. Coldplay were one example of a band avoiding Spotify upon their last album release, though added "Mylo Xyloto" to the Spotify catalog later. However, "Babel" broke Spotify streaming records with more than eight million streams last week, so concerns over album streams reducing album sales could soon be put to rest. What would you do if you had an album to release? Do acts like Mumford & Sons deserve to top the chart? Share your view in the comments.
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