Mumford & Sons: 'We're Not Rock 'n' Roll'

Folk rockers admit they are not exactly "hard men".

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Mumford & Sons banjo player Winston Marshal has recently confessed about the group being a bit more on the soft side. In an exclusive interview with The Sun, the banjoist wasn't afraid to say that the London-based four-piece isn't exactly consisted of 'hard men.'

"We're not, like, hard men. We're emotional. We're not rock'n'roll. If AC/DC apologized, that'd be the end of their career. But someone doesn't say hello to us and we're like, 'I cannot believe the gall!'"

The group's frontman Marcus Mumford went on to state that the band isn't too fond of the latest technology, admitting he hasn't quite worked out how to use his cell phone yet.

"Every day I use my phone and I have no idea how it works. Whereas I see an acoustic guitar played with gusto and I understand just how it works."

The band is currently busy touring to promote their latest studio effort, "Babel," released back in September 2012 via Island Records. With 159,000 copies sold within the first week, it became the UK's fastest selling album of 2012, topping both the UK Albums Chart and the Billboard 200 list.

The group's singer has recently also revealed a collaboration with Justin Timberlake with whom he will work on the soundtrack for the new Coen Brothers movie called "Inside Llewyn Davis."

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    I'll get slated for this most likely, but to me there's always something about them just feels fake. The not knowing how to work a phone quote sounds like bullshit to fit in with their image tbh.
    This is literally the only place where I ever see people shit on bands like Mumford & Sons for not being rock or metal. It's ridiculous. You can't hate on a band just because they're not exactly like the ones you listen to. If you like rock or metal or rap or literally whatever that's perfectly okay. Just don't be an a-hole to someone because it's not your thing. Everyone's got an opinion and yours is just as valid as theirs.
    I don't really care that they aren't rock or metal. I listen to everything. But that little banjo bullshit has it's place in Irish pubs where it belongs, not in mainstream. Just my opinion. And as you say, it's valid. When I see the video for one of their songs shot at a concert and the entire crowd is jumping up and down goign crazy it's laughable. I don't know what's worse, hippies or people getting over-the-top into this folky fad.
    Wait..doesn't belong in mainstream? So, mainstream, such as Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Nickelback is better? I'm missing something here. Bob Dylan in his time and Peter Paul and Mary, Neil Young, Simon & Garfunkel...I'd venture to say all a piece of the "folk" genre.
    Banjo bullshit only belongs in pubs? I take offense to that. Winston, and probably 85% of every other banjo player has more talent in their right thumb than you could conceive in your entire life.
    You don't know who I am so that statement is absurd. I could be Yngwie Malmsteen for all you know.
    That'd explain why you're an *****.
    At least I heard these other people on here out and am willing to give the band a better listen. Calling me childish names and telling me how much more talent someone has than me when we don't know each other explains why you are more than likely the 7 asterisk word you used there.
    " little banjo bullshit has it's place in Irish pubs where it belongs, not in mainstream" among other ignorant things you said rightfully gave you that title. Don't start playing good guy after trolling this article
    Not the good guy, just willing to listen to more than I've heard on the radio. I stand by that comment though, they are trendy right now. That poppy no balls pseudo folky-rock, it's popular now. I just don't think it has a place there. Then again, many current pop acts don't belong where they are either so, meh.
    Yah! F*ck those people for having a good time at a concert! How dare they.
    Just weird to see people going crazy like they're listening to a hard rock song, and meanwhile you see a bunch of guys playing banjos. I mean gimme a break, it's like hippie stuff
    "Every day I use my phone and I have no idea how it works. Whereas I see an acoustic guitar played with gusto and I understand just how it works." If that's not the most accurate description of Rock n' Roll I don't know what is
    haha I don't know that I'd put Mumford & Sons up with those acts dude. I suppose I should listen to the full album before judging but, based on what I've heard I think it's dissapointing that they are this popular. Also, at least half of the acts you mentioned wrote about social change, had political opinions that came across through their music, etc... Would it be fair to say that M&S make strictly 'pop folk'?
    You wouldn't put them up there because they are a "newer" band. I'd bet if you wait 10 years you might retract that statement. I own both albums and unlike most albums today, both are a full listen front to back. There are tunes that they have a message about change or whatnot but I think a lot of people are writing them off because of their popularity. I've been a fan since they were playing tiny places that they couldn't sell out and watched them take their fame in stride. They are incredible musicians.
    All I will say to that is to definitely listen to their first album. I haven't given Babel much of a chance but Sigh No More has some really powerful lyrics and music to it just as Bob Dylan or any others that did it way back when.
    Sigh No More is a better album I think, but Babel is still top notch.
    They sound like they're from the 1800's! Anyway, this article is kinda stating the obvious. It's like Megadeth saying 'were not an r'n'b act.'
    I hate this band so much. WTF happen to rock music?! Where the f*ck are the balls in rock?? I'm soooo tired of this pussy-folk-indie rock crap... I went to SXSW this past weekend and thats all i saw. that, and shit "metal" bands that all sound the same. Fuck you 00's lol - i miss the 80's/90's
    Nero Galon
    They're folk not rock... They never claimed to be rock. If you don't like them then fine, you've made your point.
    It's your right not to like them. They're folk...they never claimed to be rock. I personally think they are fantastic and have been listening to Irish folk that sounds just like them for years. I must say, it's a breath of fresh air to see guys like this over Lil Wayne or any other rap garbage that took over the awards shows for years.
    Sorry but I don't see it as a breath of fresh air to watch a bunch of guys with nothing important to say stand around on a stage and be boring, playing the same crap I can go to any pub in Massachusetts and hear on a Tuesday night. The Lil Wayne stuff was awful so this is at least somewhat better to watch, and these guys seem more deserving of success, but I think it's sad that a band like this is probably the biggest in the U.S. right now.
    I don't expect much from a site based off metal, but what's the alternative? There's plenty of metal acts out today that I can tell you I can find in a basement in some shady bar in Chicago.
    People like you will never be satisfied with what's on the radio so you might as well stop complaining.
    Anytime you see suspenders now, you know what you'll be dealing with. That shit band 'Fun.'. That other folky Lumineers band as well. It's a fad I guess. But regardless of how stupid it looks, in 2013 when you see the suspenders, no need to listen. You know you'll pretty much be getting crap in return.
    couldnt agree with you any more my man, the balls have bin cut and we have a generation of pussies listening to momfurd and dick and bands like "fun" what kinda bull shit is FUN
    They just said in the article they're not rock. They've never tried to be rock and if you go into them expecting something as heavy as rock you're setting up for disappointment. Personally I don't like them either (I like folky stuff, just not M&S), but judging stuff because of it's heaviness isn't going to get far.
    link no1
    Mumford and it actually some guy called Mumford and his kids? Are they 'underground' or have I just managed to stay away from the mainstream really really well?
    Darth Wader
    Mumford & Sons is one of the few original, creative bands out there nowadays. Wouldn't expect the UG crowd to get it.
    Music for people who think they like music but they actually hate it because deep down they realize they have no culture or taste in art. You heard it here first. Dumbford and Sons. Genius right?