Mumford and Sons Announce Their Biggest Concert Ever

Folk rockers preparing for an Olympic Park performance in London with Vampire Weekend, Ben Howard and more.

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British folk rockers Mumford and Sons have officially confirmed the show that might turn out to be the biggest one of their career. Set to take place at London's Olympic Park stadium on July 6, the concert will also feature a set of artists hand-picked by the group themselves - Vampire Weekend, Ben Howard, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Haim and Bear's Den.

A performance at the 80,000-capacity venue isn't something a band goes through every day, so it's expected that the London concert will get a very special treatment. The tickets will go on sale starting April 19 via Ticketmaster and the group's official website.

"We wanted to do something special, more than just another arena date," Ben Lovett tells NME. "So when the opportunity to do this came about, and the opportunity to pick a line-up of bands we feel really strongly about, we were naturally pretty excited."

"We've been wanting to do something with Vampire Weekend since we first played with them in 2009," he said. "They're a phenomenal band, one we're really proud to bring over for this. There were no arguments among us when it came to throwing the line-up together all the acts were ones we feel really strongly about and always have on in the dressing room and so on, so it was a a no-brainer. It's going to be a pretty wild night."

The show itself is a part of the Summer Stampede concert series, which also includes performances in Dublin, New Mexico and California. The band's latest studio effort, "Babel," was released back in September 2012 via Island Records. With 159,000 copies sold within the first week, it became the UK's fastest selling album of 2012, topping both the UK Albums Chart and the Billboard 200 list.

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    The Speed that mumford have gone from their first album to headling festivals and stadiums is so bizzare for a folk band.
    Nero Galon
    They have a likability, radio-friendly which seems to be essential for artists outside of pop/hip hop etc.
    matteo cubano
    sure but rarely does any musician or group in any genre blow up like that. i remember the first time anyone told me about them was about six months before anyone else had heard them and when they got radio play.
    matteo cubano
    it's good for them, it's a lot of folks goin to the show, but i don't see why the fact that they're playing their biggest show is newsworthy...i mean why not do that for every band when they play a bigger show than they had before.
    If you haven't seen Road to Red Rocks, I think that is the ideal place to see a band like M&S. Sure, it's not as big, but an amphitheatre with that amount of natural beauty makes it the perfect spot.