Mumford And Sons, Black Keys To Perform At Grammy Awards

Both acts will battle for victory in the Album Of The Year and Best Rock Performance categories. Who do you think deserves to win?

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Mumford And Sons and The Black Keys will perform at the Grammy awards on February 11.

They join a raft of pop stars including Rihanna and Taylor Swift for the ceremony, which will be hosted by LL Cool J.

The Black Keys have five nominations, and guitarist Dan Auerbach is also up for Producer of the Year.

Mumford And Sons have earned six nominations after their record-smashing success in 2012. At one point, they matched The Beatles' record of having six songs in the US chart at once. Their second album "Babel" sold more than 600,000 copies in its first week on sale

Both acts will compete for Album Of The Year against Jack White's "Blunderbuss" and albums from Frank Ocean and Fun. They will also battle in the Best Rock Performance category against Coldplay, Bruce Springsteen and Alabama Shakes.

Legendary sitar player Ravi Shankar who died in December and was known for collaborating with the Beatles will receive a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award.

See the full list of rock-based nominees here.

Who will win the coveted Album Of The Year award? Place your bets in the comments.

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    I'm honestly still trying to find what's with the hype for Mumford and Sons... tastes are tastes I guess. Inb4 irrelevant discussions about hipsters.
    Taste is taste, but I'm still trying to find what's the hating all about with M&S. They make good, pure music. They preform energetically and honest. Their sound is typical and a mix of older and modern influences. I know you can dislike this genre, but I don't understand the hating. I don't think it's a hype either, a hype is like One Direction. Please don't compare these...
    Basically, a "hype" is the great projection of an artist, a movie, pretty much everything, into the mainstream, which is what's happening to Mumford and Sons now... I mean, they're #1 in the UK charts and are getting a shitton of awards. "Hype" isn't meant to be a pejorative thing, but people insist to make it so. I don't really hate on them, it's just that it's nothing that made me go "wow"... I listened to "Babel" and it just went in and out of my ears. But again, tastes are tastes.
    Well, I had that "wow" effect the first time I heard them. It seems to me that most people disliking them are US people, dunno why? Here in Belgium many people like them, except for my brother. Also proud to say I'm seeing them live for the first time next month.
    They have a couple of great songs but in general I don't really care about them. I'm more annoyed that people listen to them and think they're some sort of cultured folk music fan. It's pop. Good pop.
    I actually really like Mumford and Sons, and it's because they make genuinely catchy music that's not recycled pop junk. They are a unique blend and you can tell when you're listening to them. If you're not into folky music then I can't help you there, but they have their heads on straight.
    I think many bands that we all like have these types of fans that are truly annoying. What I don't get is why some people can love a band full of a-holes just because many of their friends like that artist, but if you get a band with honest, genuine musicians who care about their fans and make good music (Like Mumford), and just because some hipsters attached to them, you automatically hate them. Some of us bought their first album before the hype. You really just hate the hype but there is just so much negativity over nothing.
    They write strong music which covers a lot of genres due to the catchy hooks and lyrics. I'm not a huge fan but when the song 'Babel', 'Sigh No More', 'Roll away your Stone' and 'The Cave' comes on I turn it up. Also due to the world wide success of 'Little Lion Man' a lot of people know and like them.
    hope for The Black Keys..... everytime i mention them on UG i get criticized....
    Yes, unfortunately, the fact that Patrick Carney wears huge eyeglasses and disses everyone got people thinking that The Black Keys are some sort of arrogant hipster band... but they're extremely talented at their craft and also promote underground bands, help them to get a deal, produce their records, etc...
    people don't understand that Pat and Dan just dick around during all of their interviews. Pat isn't serious at all.
    I agree, Patrick can be really full of himself sometimes but he is not the spokesperson for The Black Keys. I dig their music.
    Mumford lacks the kick that us rock-fanatics have become so used to. Doesn't mean I like them or anything, but it might explain the general dislike.
    Yeah. I like them, I don't listen to them when I want deep meaningful music with passion or something, I just like their music. The Black Keys are cool, too.
    Why did people down vote you, all you said was that you liked listening to them. WTF
    all of M&S songs sound the same to me...some over emotional vocals and then the supposed climax just has banjo and bass drum on the same rhythm and teenage girls wet themselves
    That's because you haven't listened to their songs before.
    I've heard every song on their past two records after being stuck in a friend's car on a road trip... and yeah, hen3vz hit it right on the money. Only thing he forgot is to mention saying the word "heart" in every other line.
    My point exactly, you 'heard' the songs, but you haven't 'listened' to them yet. It's like saying all Beethoven symphonies sound the same, when you haven't actually listened to one of the symphonies yet. And yes, they say "heart" alot... they also say "love" alot, they also say "the" and "and" alot... Their music is about love and feelings, and that kind of music comes from the 'heart'
    I don't really have a problem with the bands that have the whole "all their songs sound the same!" label, a lot of people I listen to have that stigma. Mumford just isn't my cup of tea... they are talented musicians, its just not for me.
    Mumford & Sons is a good band. I don't understand the hatred. Their music does sound similar. The lyrics may be similar. But its good. Watching them amazing! They put so much heart into their music. They actually care about the music. They don't want to be a big, popular band. They just care about the music...and that's different and what makes them awesome.
    I never liked Mumford & Sons. I can enjoy maybe 2 songs from them but for the most part it just seems like repetitive folk styles without much else to it. Black Keys should be interesting though, even if I don't know them too much.
    Mumford and Sons may not have the complexity and difficulty in guitar work as many other acts, but they make up for it in intricate lyrical work and passionate studio and live performances.
    Lets be honest, who listens to music for "complex guitar work" anyway? I listen for guitar work that sounds good.
    Errm some people actually appreciate guitar work that requires talent to play.
    Oh, I appreciate talent, believe me, I'm a prog rock fan... but if it sounds like shit it sounds like shit. Difficulty =/= quality.
    ^'Sigh'... your opinion is dumb. Listening to music solely for complex guitar work is like eating hot sauce not because it tastes good, but simply because it is ridiculously hot. You have taste buds to enjoy flavor the same way your have ears to enjoy pleasant sound/music.
    Darth Wader
    I'm honestly still trying to find what's with the HATRED for Mumford and Sons...tastes are tastes I guess. They are extremely talented and have released two amazing records. Here's to wishing them the best!!!
    I like M&S, they make very refreshing, stripped-down pop folk that feels both old-fashioned and new. Black Keys, IDK. I never understood the appeal there.
    I've seen both The Black Keys and Mumford live and I can tell everybody that they really are great bands to watch
    mumford and sons are great but idk you hear too much of them everywhere and its become a hype. I mostly like bands that no one knows about. idk
    The Black Keys don't sound all that bad. I dont't agree with things that Patrick Carney says all that often, but I enjoy a couple of their songs and so far I believe they're pretty talented in what they do. Mumford & Sons on the other hand, just aren't way too fun to listen to, but I'm sure their live shows are great. They just seem a bit tired on studio, is all.