Mumford And Sons Expected Their Awarded Album To Be 'Dissappointing Second Child'

Band look set to return to Number One spot in America following awards success.

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Mumford And Sons have revealed that they thought their second album "Babel" would be considered a failure following the success of their debut record, "Sigh No More".

The band, who scooped the Grammy For Best Album this week, have managed to sustain their level of huge success following the release of "Babel", but that didn't stop frontman Marcus Mumford telling that he thought the album could have been considered a "disappointing second child" by fans and critics (via NME).

"As we were making 'Babel', 'Sigh No More''s shadow kept getting bigger and bigger. There was a lot in us that was like, 'That's OK, fuck it, 'Babel' will be the disappointing second child like a lot of us are, actually."

Mumford went on to say he would not have minded that outcome:

"We were making it really believing it and thinking about that as much as possible and so it's really sweet now to see it do its thing as well. That's crazy for us. When we released 'Sigh No More', our manager said, 'We're probably gonna sell between 100,000 and 150,000 records.' And we were like, 'That's amazing!'" says Mumford. "Since then, everything has gotten more ridiculous, fantastical and mind-f--king."

Meanwhile, following their Grammy Awards success, "Babel" looks like it is set to return to Number One on the Billboard 200 chart next week with a further 150,000 copies expected to be sold by February 17 easily making it the top-seller on next week's Billboard 200.

Nielsen Soundscan statistics show that the album jumped three places up to Number Four on the chart in the week ending with the Grammys on Sunday (February 10) with sales of 54,000 copies.

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    I actually like both albums. I think this alternative bluegrass style is pretty ballsy and Its nice to see a band like this crack the mainstream... Good for them.
    Darth Wader
    Definitely not disappointed. Babel was amazing.
    For sure. I don't understand why Mumford & Sons gets so much hate on UG. I mean, yeah the songs all sound really similar at first, but that's exactly what people unfamiliar with metal or prog or punk rock say about the kind of music that people on here like. I'm just glad that there's really popular music that's not 99% digital.
    Interesting that you mention "99% digital". According to what the band's been saying in the past few months, they'll introduce electronic influences on their own music on their next album. About the article, needless to say, Babel came out as a wonderful album.
    I found both albums to be amazing. Babel was a little too preachy for me, but it was still amazing. Their songs definitely dont all sound the same--- I as well dont understand the hate they get on UG. Ive learned all their songs, and its some impressive guitar composition. Fantastic use of open tunings.