Mumford And Sons: 'We Don't Want To Be As Big As Oasis'

Band say they dream of a life in the countryside as "Babel" storms the album charts.

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Mumford And Sons have said they don't want to be as big as Oasis.

The band, who stormed straight into the Number One slot in this week's Official UK Album Chart with their second album "Babel", its sales of 159,000 copies last week making it 2012's fastest-selling album, according to the Official Charts Company.

Speaking to NME about the band's increasing stature, multi-instrumentalist Ted Dwane said: "We don't want to be as big as Oasis! I think we're bigger than we ever wanted to be. I don't think we want to get any bigger now".

Mumford and Sons have also just announced a mammoth UK and Irish tour, which will see them play some of their biggest headline shows to date, including London's O2 Arena.

Speaking about their growing gig schedule, Dwane said: "We want to deserve the place that we've got to and be good to the people who've been good to us. We're interested in traveling and sharing the music with as many people as possible - there are some places where "Sigh No More" has done quite well that we haven't actually been yet, like Japan - but I couldn't imagine it getting any bigger really. Then again, I said that after we sold out 'Shepherd's Bush Empire' so who knows."

Dwane also revealed the band have little interest in living a celebrity lifestyle, preferring the calm of the country to A-list parties. He explained: "Pretty much all of our dreams sit around the countryside and having a small little bit of land to do something with. I think when that desire takes over our desires to travel and play gigs, that's probably where we'll end up. [Celebrity] holds no interest for us".

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    no need to worry about that, there are hundreds of people like them in the modern music industry. where as oasis stood out from the rest, not a big fan of oasis but i think they'll be remembered as one of the main bands of there era. whereas if you ask someone who were the main musicians of this era, they'll say "umm..." list 10 crappy no talent so called musicians, and not even remember them if they were shown a whole biography of there career.
    I simply cannot understand why bands now don't want to be big. What happened to rock n' roll?
    Gene Simmons and Bret Michaels. If anything can deter people from fame, it's the guy who turned his band into a series of products for money, and a balding man in a bandana who tried to stay relevant with a VH1 TV series.
    Good. Glad they're keeping it real. I like their music but for now, they're just not good enough to be a cultural phenomenon.
    They're clever. They're playing on the image of the simple man by the countryside.
    Dont think theres much danger of them becoming anywhere near as big as oasis with all due respect to them
    are they stupid? odds are they wont become as big as oasis but why would you not want to
    Too bad M&S. As long as you keep pumping out the same, now generic, banjo-induced seizures you call 'emotional build ups' and echoing long drawn out harmonies, drunk girls everywhere will flock to your concerts and scream your boring words of love and pain your producers help write.
    they are realy living that hipster life arnt they, ha i wounder if they would say that 5 years ago but for it was cool not to be cool.
    Let's see, what is the best way to make sure we don't get too big? Oh! I know! Let's do a massive tour!
    yeah they definitely aren't going to have to worry about that. lol I'm sorry but they are terrible. They are in the same category as The Black Keys and Foster the people. absolutely boring and overrated because they have to compete with dance/techno pop bullshit and Disney kids who cant do anything. so at least they play instruments, there is that.
    This is one of the most ignorant statements I have ever seen on this site
    Really? How so? It's just my opinion on them, I do respect the fact that they play instruments but that's as far as liking them goes. as for placing them in the same category as The black keys and Foster the people, I meant because they have taken aspects of better music and watered it down to bland mush for everyone to digest. And if this really is one of the most ignorant things you've read on this site, then you haven't been on it for too long. Sorry if i didn't go into to much detail on my opinion. and Im not trying to argue, I just wanted to clarify what i meant.
    Bad article layout haha. First it says they don't want to be big then it says that this will be their biggest headline year ever! haha. I think they do.
    aww what a shame... 10 yrs after they break up UG can post a news story every time one of those guys opens their mouth
    I respect that they want to keep their loyal fan base but that comment is ridiculous. I love their new album. I bought it. But I don't like the hipster attitude to Ted Dwane's comment. They have the chance to share their music with the world and they say that they don't want to get any bigger. That's not the right attitude to have. Sharing your music must be an amazing feeling. I'd do anything for their talent and I'd do anything to be able to share it with people; and for it to mean something to them as much as it does to me.