Murderdolls Love Axl Rose

artist: Murderdolls date: 02/25/2011 category: music news
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Murderdolls frontman Wednesday 13 has revealed Axl Rose was the perfect host when his band supported Guns N' Roses on tour last year and has defended the enigmatic singer's infamous poor time-keeping claiming any fans who go to a GNR show get their money's worth. In a RockAAA exclusive Wednesday said: "Supporting Guns N' Roses was awesome. I was terrified at first as you hear all the stories about what it's going to be like and whether there will be a riot because Axl doesn't show up. I didn't know the band so all I knew was what I reading the paper. "And we were a support band going up against a crowd who sold-out before we were even announced so we knew we were going up against an army ready to see Guns N' Roses. "But then we got there on the first day and met the crew who were awesome. "They loved us and said we could use the whole stage, even use Axl's catwalk, we could use everything." Wednesday reveals the two bands became firm friends with the headliners often rocking out to the Murderdolls' performance with the exception of Axl who they didn't see for the first-three weeks of the tour when he personally rolled out the welcome mat to the band. He continues: "Every night the band was on the side of the stage, except Axl, rocking out and singing along to 1976 with their fists in the air. "Then about three-weeks into the tour no one had ever seen Axl as he comes in right before the show he came off stage after a three-hour set, comes right into our dressing room with sweat running down him and says Sorry I didn't get to say hello to you before now, but I've heard nothing but awesome things about you, my band loves you guys. I'm going to get dressed, come over to my room and we'll party.' "There was nothing that I heard of on that tour that was anywhere close to an audience complaining. He's Axl Rose, he can be 15 or 30 minutes late. He was talking about that too backstage. He was just like Man, I need to get in my zone, get in the vibe you know. I'm late but when I come out I'll play for three hours.' "It's like he has to play for that long. So he showed up late but he played you an extra hour of songs. "He's Axl f-ckin' Rose, you gotta hand it to him." Thanks for the report to
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