Muse Announce Biggest Tour Ever

Muse have announced their biggest tour ever, which will start in the UK in May next year before heading across Europe.

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The band are riding high with latest album "The 2nd Law" having topped the charts in more than 20 countries. They'll release a single "Follow Me" on December 10. They previously launched a lyric video to go with the track, available below.

Along with the dates below, Muse will add shows in Germany, Finland, Norway and Denmark. They'll also tour Japan early next year, as ProgRockMag reports.

Muse 2013 European tour:

05/22: Ricoh Arena Coventry, UK 05/25: Emirates Stadium London, UK 05/26: Emirates Stadium London, UK 06/1: Etihad Stadium Manchester, UK 06/4: Amsterdam Arena Amsterdam, NL 06/7: Olympic Stadium Barcelona, ES 06/10: Stade Dragao Porto, PT 06/15: Stade de Suisse Berne, CH 06/18: Werchter Festival Site Rotselaar, BE 06/21: Stade de France Paris, FR 06/22: Stade de France Paris, FR 06/26: Stade Charles Erhmann Nice, FR 06/28: Stadio Olimpico Turin, IT 07/6: Stadio Olimpico Rome, IT

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    I wish they would have balls to release Supremacy as a single...
    I'm beginning to doubt Panic Station will be a single
    Which should've been a single before Madness and Follow Me.. I agree about Supremacy though..
    A double single with Supremacy and Panic Station would be kinda nice, but like y'all said, I doubt they have the nerve.
    I don't think it's up to them to choose which single to release... I wish the record label had the nerve.
    Panic Station will be the next one after Follow Me I think. Supremacy would be awesome, but I don't think it'll happen.
    Why release Supremacy as a single? It's a good song but not really radio friendly, I doubt they'd want to release a total flop as a single just so they could say "oh check out our balls"
    "date: 10/04/2010" Am I missing something? On topic, I really wish I could go to this.
    Shame I didn't think too much of the album. But hey, all their previous albums were amazing. I'll be seeing em.
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