Muse Fans Name 'Absolution' the Band's Best Album

2003 release narrowly beats Origin Of Symmetry to be voted their greatest album ever.

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Muse fans have named the band's 2003 album "Absolution" as the best ever by the iconic Westcountry trio, Gigwise reports. The chart topping album narrowly beat 2001 release "Origin of Symmetry" to be voted fans' favourite, while their 2006 release, "Black Holes and Revelations," placed third. The band's 2008 live album "HAARP" placed fourth, while their 2009 release, "The Resistance" was named their fifth best. At the same time the list of five worst Muse album has formed. The 2002's live album and b-sides compilation "Hullabaloo" tops the list, with their debut effort "Showbiz" placed on the second spot. The most recent studio record by Muse, "The 2nd Law," is on the third place in the list of Worst Muse albums, with their latest live record "Live at Rome Olympic Stadium" on the 4th place. "The Resistance" closes the list. The full rating of Muse albums is: 1. Absolution 2. Origin of Symmetry 3. Black Holes and Revelations 4. HAARP 5. The Resistance 6. Live at Rome Olympic Stadium 7. The 2nd Law 8. Showbiz 9. Hullabaloo Matt Bellamy has previously stated that "Absolution" is one of the more intimate Muse albums, despite epic themes such as life, death, war and outer space. The album scored the band a No.1 in the UK and France and hit the top ten across Europe when it was released on 15 September, 2003. In other news, Muse recently revealed going in "more rock" direction while making their seventh studio album. Bellamy said that the band is looking forward to make "more conceptual" and "more raw" album, than their latest record, "The 2nd Law."

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    I personally prefer Origin of Symmetry, though Absolution is also an excellent album. But that's just my opinion.
    1. Origin of Symmetry 2. Showbiz 3. Absolution 4. Black Holes and Revelations 5. Hullabaloo B-Sides 6. The Resistance 7. The 2nd Law
    I'm just going to throw it out there, but the 2nd Law is a DEEPLY under appreciated album. It takes a few lessons to get into, but its nothing short of fantastic. On a side note I deeply appreciate your 'wee free men' pic.
    Down vote me if you like but just try telling me 'supremacy' isn't one of the best bass lines you've ever heard.
    I mean, it's alright.... but the overall song never really sat right with me. I always felt like the verse part would've made for an epic bridge, as opposed to being the first verse... The energy just kind of dies. Plus the chords swaying underneath are so James Bond.
    Very much agree with the Top 3, but I definitely think Showbiz and The 2nd Law were better than The Resistance.
    Everything Muse have done up this point has been fantastic! But if I had to choose, it would have been origin Of Symmetry. But either way, Absolution was another piece of virtue.
    I'd go with Origin Of Symmetry, but to me the choice has always been between these two albums.
    Showbiz is my favourite Muse album. Please don't hurt me.
    I just got it, and i regret not having done so sooner.' Agreed. Showbiz is my favorite as well.
    It was mine for many years, but the lyrical themes and what I associate them with made it go down in comparison. But it's nice to know that album does get some love, musically it's just fantastic
    I remember first listening to Absolution when I was 15 and thinking it was one of the most incredible things I'd ever heard. Year after year it still holds up, solid album
    Hullabaloo 9th?!! Deserves much more praise than that, especially more than 2nd law! And Showbiz 8th?? Very unjust!
    Those albums were so raw and emotionnal, they are great and deserve a better place in this list, IMO. For people who complains that they're too 'electronic' and less guitar-based music, I don't get why The 2nd Law is in front of those 2.
    I love how you say less guitar-based music when nearly all tracks on 2nd Law are guitar based they just have effects peddles on them (which personally sounds awesome, especially the Kaos Pad)
    I'm sorry for the confusion. I meant the guitar is not as predominant in The 2nd Law or even less in The Resistance than it was on Showbiz. Yes, the guitar is there in practically all songs, but it's not the main instrument like it was on Showbiz. The 2nd Law and The Resistance had all this orchestral thing and electronic manipulation on instruments all over the place and Showbiz was really about the guitar with almost no orchestra, just a couple of synths and piano here and there to fill some spaces. Now it seems the guitar is there to do some riffs and solos, but it doesn't seem to be the main instrument. I don't know if this time I made my point...
    It's between Origin and Absolution for me as well.. I don't think I could choose between the two.
    I find it very difficult to say which one is the best Muse Album but I can say that last album was different in a good way. Although Absolution is an amazing album . I remember when I first heard Stockholm Syndrome a decade ago and still blows my mind.
    I really enjoyed Hullabaloo. Wonder why it got so low. Same with Showbiz. That album is great too!
    My guess is that no one really knows Hullabaloo. The b-sides were mostly pretty good, though.
    I'm seeing them tomorrow I can't wait but I have to agree with the list except I'd place Showbiz at 4th and switch The 2nd Law and The Resistance.
    Such a shame 2nd Law is higher than Showbiz. 2nd Law and Resistance deserves the bottom.
    I'd probably go Black Holes... Then again, HAARP was a ****ing amazing live album.
    you should've been there for the best gig besides seeing Metallica i've ever been to
    Oddly enough, I completely 100% agree with this list. I wouldn't have personally ranked them any other way... hah
    1. Black Holes and Revalations 2. Showbiz 3. Origin Of Symmetry 4. The 2nd Law 5. Absolution 6. The Resistance My personal list
    Liquid Snake
    If people hate the new material than there's a good damn reason for it. This interview with Matt hits that exact subject: the band floating away from a standard three-piece rock group. Besides Matt being an extremely-talented pianist I can't see anything entertaining in the electronica shit. Their first three albums are unsurpassed imo 1) Absolution 2) Origin 3) Black Holes 4) Showbiz 5) Who gives a shit
    ive ran out of soup on my plate and my tool box is creaky, these days are joyful
    For me it's gotta be 1. Origin 2. Black Holes 3. Showbiz 4. Absoloution 5. Resistance 6. 2nd Law
    For someone who doesn't actually like the music much, I have to say this album was really good.
    Actually The Resistance is the only album I put lower than Showbiz. Showbiz has some amazing tracks but as a whole I don't think the album has aged very well.
    Absolution is a brilliant album - and probably one of the best out of the UK in recent times. It's dark, enigmatic, emotional, angry and optimistic at the same time. The 2nd Law was "soft" to put it politely and a revert back to "more raw" will be needed!
    It's personally my favorite Muse album. Although OoS is their best produced by a long shot. Absolution sounds very muffled but the songwriting comes through regardless and is even better live. Listen to the Earl's Court bootlegs!
    The Resistance is good, especially for track Exogenesis is the best Muse music by far IMO.