Muse Fans Name 'Knights of Cydonia' the Band's Best Ever Single

"Hysteria" gives its crown to 2006 release.

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Muse fans have voted the band's 2006 single, "Knights of Cydonia," the best release by the Westcountry three-piece in their 20 year career, Gigwise reports.

Fans have voted in their thousands this week in a Gigwise poll to pick the best Muse single of all time, and the "Black Holes & Revelations" single narrowly placed above earlier releases "Hysteria" and "Plug in Baby" to take the top spot. It was a tight-run race with the top three switching places contstantly. Votes were tied for second place between these two singles.

Placing fourth was the band's 2003 single, "Time Is Running Out" and "New Born," both of which shared third place in the poll. The poll is now closed, but you can see how votes were cast below.

"Knights of Cydonia" was the third single to be taken from "Black Holes & Revelations," reaching No.10 in the UK singles charts when it was released on 27 November, 2006. The inspirational track has proven a fan favourite ever since its release, thanks in part to its themes of determination and defiance, which have rung true with the devoted Muse fanbase.

Proving less popular with Muse fans and Gigwise readers, the band's 2010 single, "Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)" was voted readers least favourite release. The stand-alone track was taken from the movie soundtrack to the "Twilight Saga: Eclipse."

Also placing poorly were early tracks "Cave" and "Uno," which were second and third least favourites with and more recent releases, "Follow Me" and "Madness." See the five most, and least, popular Muse singles below.

Top 5
1. Knights of Cydonia
2. Hysteria
3. Plug in Baby
4. Time Is Running Out
5. New Born

Worst 5
1. Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)
2. Cave
3. Uno
4. Follow Me
5. Madness

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    I'm not a big Muse fan but Knights of Cydonia is an awesome song. How can you not love a space rock Morricone tribute?
    cha33 armstrong
    Is a great song no doubt but it is not my number 1
    For me personally it is my favourite. I dunno I like a lot of their songs it's hard to choose.
    I like the song too, but I think every song off of Origin of Symmetry and Absolution is better
    I don't get the Origin and Absolution circle jerk. To me Black Holes is far and away better than those.
    It doesn't matter about "every song off Origin of Symmetry and Absolution" being better. This is about singles released. Best single off Origin is New Born and best single off Absolution is Stockholm Syndrome. Thats my opinion anyway. Knights of Cydonia really makes me go mental at their live shows though!
    It's a fantastic live song, crowds go nuts on it. But for album versions I still think Survival or Madness are best.
    The Black Holes and Revelations song is probably my favorite, and then this. I used to think Muse was a good band. Then they started putting out songs like that victorious one and I can't take them.
    Cave is very underrated, much better than their newer stuff including that Doctor Who theme tune knock-off Uprising
    I can't believe that Muse fans would vote Cave as second worst. That's nuts. Not my favorite but far far from second worst.
    How the heck could anyone vote this as one of their worst songs?! This is literally the song that got me back into guitar, that outro is one of the greatest I have ever heard!
    From 47, you cannot hate this song....
    Madness in the Worst 5, seriously? OK it was different to their usual style but why does different have to be bad?
    I don't like Muse very much, but this song seems like something that everyone can get into, from Metalheads to mainstream fans, to the bands loyal fans, that's probably why it won.
    I bet Neutron Star Collision was voted as their worst just because it was from a Twilight film
    The lyrics are hilariously cheesy and the song is pretty generic (unlike say, Survival, which can at least be defended by being purposefully absurd). It looked pretty fun live but I'd definitely put it as one of their worst singles regardless.
    The only thing I ever really liked about Muse are those riffs... and gentlemen, this song has a really amazing bunch of them, especially that last one... tasty.
    What the hell is up with that worst list? D: Cave rocks! I have a soft spot for Madness too and a guilty pleasure in Neutron Star Collision haha Muscle Museum tbh is their best single
    Sorry but, as much as I like Knights Of Cydonia, my vtte would have gone to New Born as best. It's still awesome that both songs made on to the charts though.
    EDIT: fug, didnt read 'single'. Yeah I agree with the list other than Madness being in the lowest 5
    Decent lists, but the only reason why they put Neutron Star Collision on the Worst is because it's association with Twilight. I think it was a decent song, but to me, Plug In Baby is their best
    Citizen Erased? No one's mentioned this yet. And even though people don't agree with KoC, you have to admit the music video's the best one next to Panic Station.