Muse Fans Named Music's Most Committed Fanbase In New Poll

artist: Muse date: 07/03/2012 category: music news
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Muse Fans Named Music's Most Committed Fanbase In New Poll
Gigwise readers, and no doubt a few Muse fans themselves, have named fans of the Westcountry trio the most committed fanbase in music. In a recent Gigwise poll, Muse topped the poll with a clear majority, beating pop favourites such as Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Rihanna, One Direction and many more to prove that rock and roll fans are more dedicated to their favourite band than pop devotees. The announcement follows a recent flurry of excitement for Muse, whose Olympics track "Survival" was recently premiered and whose October shows were also recently named the most eagerly awaited shows of 2012 by Gigwise readers. Radiohead and Paramore placing second and third places respectively in the poll, with 30 Seconds To Mars placing fourth and Arctic Monkeys fifth. The least committed fans in music were named at the Beliebers, as Justin Bieber's fans placed at the bottom of the poll. Taking bottom place only just ahead of One Direction, Nicki Minaj, Jessie J and Aiden Grimshaw. All of whom also scored poorly in the hardcore fan poll. The poll is still open, so if you disagree with these results, cast your vote now on Gigwise. Thanks for the report to
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