Muse Influenced By U2

Muse's new album, "The 2nd Law", is influenced by U2 after they went on tour with them in South America last year.

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Muse's new album, "The 2nd Law", is influenced by U2 after they went on tour with them in South America last year.

Muse's new album is influenced by U2.

The band supported the "Elevation" group on their 360 Tour in 2011 and the experience inspired them when it came to recording their new album "The 2nd Law".

Frontman Matt Bellamy told Classic Rock magazine: "We toured with U2 last year in South America. And there's definitely a little bit of influence come on to this album, a little bit of [1991 album] "Achtung Baby" here and there."

While they were recording "The 2nd Law" Matt - who is joined in the group by Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard - tweeted it would be "a Christian gangsta rap jazz odyssey with some ambient rebellious dubstep," and while it was sent in jest, he hasn't ruled out pursuing a rap direction in the future.

He told Classic Rock magazine: "That tweet I sent was more like a joke. There's definitely no Christian music on this album. Gangsta rap... I think that's the one genre we can never really go near, but you never know. Dom's yet to write a song, so who knows, he may come up with some gangsta rap on the next album.

It's a very diverse album. And every song has been produced very specifically and differently to whatever is best for the song. I think it's definitely our most diverse album."

"The 2nd Law" is released on October 1.

Thanks to Contactmusic for the report.

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    I like the way they repeated the "Muse's New Album is Influenced by u2" bit. As if they couldn't believe it.
    From what I've heard of the new album so far, those U2 influences must be very well hidden. I slam this article.
    Are you talking about the Olympics song and the trailer song? Because perhaps they're not a proper representation of the overall album.
    Madness is very U2. Like a cross of Achtung Baby cuts and Mothers of the Disappeared. Especially the way Matt delivers the song vocally.
    It strikes me that this headline is a gross exaggeration of what was actually said in the interview. "New album influenced by U2, new album influenced by U2" actually meaning that "a little bit of Achtung here and there". Then again, I should probably direct my complaint to Contactmusic, since this is a direct copy&paste from their article (repetition included). Makes me think I should apply for writing for UG since my work will consist of copying and pasting other websites' articles.
    Just listened to "Madness" (the release of which would have been better "news" but anyway...) I'm getting kind of mad that all the radio singles they've been releasing are R&B pop style, which leads my American friends to think they're a lame pop/rock band. I'm like "no guys, you don't understand, they're better than you think." I want to go to their shows and feel the epic of songs like "Citizen Erased" and "Showbiz", not dance to the groove of "Undisclosed Desires", there are enough music groups that can make me dance, but only Muse can make me feel old Muse.
    This, this and a thousand times this! A guy in the Muse thread just had this to say: "Christ, if 2001 Muse could hear 2012 Muse, they would probably off themselves" How bang-on is that?!
    Show your American friends some of the older songs - like new born. They have to like that.
    I try to. I tell them that they've got to listen to Origin of Symmetry, watch Hullabaloo, etc. They know about the newer singles and the cred-killer we call "That Twilight Song", but they've been so put off by what Muse has released as singles in America that they don't give them a chance. Sad really.
    And yet again, a completely random Muse article makes the UG headlines? As much as I love Muse...
    link no1
    Muse is influenced by U2? OMG!!! Hey guys, did you know that Trivium is influenced by Metallica? Shhh, don't tell anybody!!!
    I think someone over at UG news is trolling. This is the shittiest writing I've ever seen on this site.
    Right on. Matt's pretty funny "Dom's yet to write a song, so who knows, he may come up with some gangsta rap on the next album." XD
    Well, I would love to see them try a song or 2 with gangsta rap, add a little dubstep in it and orchestral choir and we would have a new single!
    And we care because??? Cmon UG get some better crap to put up than this crap
    "Dom's yet to write a song, so who knows, he may come up with some gangsta rap on the next album." No, just no.
    Jesus Christ, listen the ****ing Madness, is U2 and Queen influences, forget that ****ing Skrillex IS ONLY ONE FUCKING MUSIC!
    Still amazed UG chose to put this as an article instead of the Madness release.
    Madness actually sounds a lot like U2. This album is all over the place so far though so there's no telling how many other songs have that influence.
    True and the vocal melody in Madness sounds exactly like I Want To Break Free by Queen...
    First thing I thought of was I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. But I Want To Break Free is definitely there as much, especially that solo.
    Root Beer
    In other news, there was no interesting music news today, causing sites such as UG to run even more pointless articles than usual.