Muse Named Top Choice To Headline Glastonbury 2013

Westcountry stars Muse have been named the first choice to headline next year's Glastonbury Festival.

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Westcountry stars Muse have been named the first choice to headline next year's Glastonbury Festival.

In a Gigwise Poll, Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard topped the vote with ease, beating the iconic David Bowie into second place.

Arctic Monkeys placed close behind Bowie - third choice, with The Who in fourth. Radiohead place closely behind in fifth place.

After a summer of live shows including Wireless Festival and Radio One's Hackney Weekender, it seems festival goers are struggling with Rihanna fatigue, as the "We Found Love" singer proves the least popular artist to headline Glastonbury. Rihanna tied with The Spice Girls for the least popular.

Kanye West and Duran Duran tied as the second least popular and Eminem placed third least popular.

Muse will have a huge amount of new material to perform at Glastonbury should they be booked for the returning show, with new album The 2nd Law due for release on XX.

Thanks to Gigwise for the report.

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    Im expecting Muse to top the Premier League. They seem to be topping every other table.
    Wouldn't see the point seeing as they've retired their best album, Origin of Symmetry from live performances now which I might add was a horrible decision
    They only retired the rarer songs, which they barely ever played anyways. I wouldn't mind seeing Bowie, Arctic Monkeys, and Muse in one festival.
    If they could get bowie back from retirement even as a muse fan i would take that any day. It would be incredible.
    link no1
    I've noticed Muse always get top with gigwise polls. Maybe gigwise should be ignored in future considering it's easy to hijack those things.
    Trying to imagine a festival with the least popular choices, don't think they could get a worse line-up.
    so who from UG is sleepin with the dudes in muse?? i swear there is a new piece of muse news every day i wasnt aware that muse was the greatest band on earth