Muse Possibly Kick Off New Album Recording, Drummer Hints

"Raring to go on album No. 7," says Dominic Howard.

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Muse drummer Dominic Howard gave a strong hint that the band has kicked off the recording process of a new album, a follow-up to 2012's "The 2nd Law."

"Raring to go on album No. 7," the drummer noted in his Twitter account description.

As far as the more specific info goes, frontman Matt Bellamy stated that the new studio effort might be ready around early 2015. "I've written some good tracks, actually," he told Triple J. "We haven't had a chance to rehearse them out yet. We'll take a break next year for a little few months and then we'll get in the studio. If it all goes very well, the new album could well be early 2015 or late 2015. Christmas 2014 might be [when we release] our next single."

When it comes to the sound Muse will be aiming at, Matt shared his desire to get back to basic, raw rock sound. "I think we're getting back to where we started - straight rock is coming back to us," the frontman told KROQ. "We've done a lot of experimentation with all these other weird things and I think it's good for us to do that - to basically remind ourselves that you can't just beat guitar, bass and drums - you just can't beat that."

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    I'm a huge Muse fan, I love every album for different reasons, but my favourite has to be Showbiz or Origin of Symmetry, really hoping for another space-rock album like those two. Something that really gets on my nerves though, is that i've seen the quote from Matt about the release date on loads of sites and FB pages over the last few months, and everytime i've seen it, they get the dates wrong. I've seen either 'late 2015 or early 2014' here it's 'early 2015 or late 2015'. What is going on, doesn't take much, just check your grammar before you post something.
    They just can't beat OoS and Absolution, they just can't... I'm still curious though, they lost me at The Resistance, and lost me completely at the 2nd Law but my hopes are up high now...
    The Resistance was fantastic. I don't understand why people dislike it so much. I mean, Exogenesis is perfect, gets me excited every time.
    Yes, Exogenesis part I and III (part II didn't really get me) are awesome and MK Ultra and Undisclosed Desire are cool, but I really, really, really disliked Guiding Light. And I just disliked the whole feel of the album. I hate to be that hipster guy but it feels too polished for me.
    Same here, a few masterpieces like the Exogenesis suite, some great singles, but too many fillers, in my humble opinion.
    Exogenesis and in particular part I, is the most epic piece of music written. The build and the explosion is just unmatched.
    Oh this is interes- Hold on! This isn't about Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, or Judas Priest! Guess it's time to call them "garbage" and what not like all good UG members
    They need to get a producer in; last two albums were self produced and weak. A good producer will tell them when something's not working and to try something else. I felt both The Resistance and 2nd Law were fixated on certain musical ideas which is why there wasn't any real B sides with either
    I think they sound great, you better leave your phone number so Matt Bellamy can call and ask for your advice on how to produce an album!
    The last two albums weren't producer solely by themselves. Adrian Bushby, of Foo Fighter's 'Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace', co-produced 'Resistance' and 'The 2nd Law' with the band.