Muse Release Video for 'Panic Station,' Accidentally Offend Eastern Culture

British rockers cause controversy with the use of the infamous Rising Sun Flag in their latest video off "The 2nd Law."

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British alt rockers Muse have officially premiered their new video for the upcoming single "Panic Station." As the fifth single off the current record "The 2nd Law," the track is set for a full release on June 3.

Although the video was not intended to offend anyone, it has caused a lot of controversy among the Asian fans with the use of the infamous Rising Sun Flag, forcing the band to post an apology via official Twitter page. The initial video was the instantly taken off YouTube, with the new version already emerging several hours ago.

Sorry for the mistake re the intro graphics for the Panic Station video. We are fixing it now. We will upload a new version very soon.

muse (@muse) April 22, 2013

With the flag being used in various advertisements in some Asian countries, chances are that you are familiar with its appearance as well. However, some of the fans have still found it very offensive.

"It's worse than you thought! Rising Sun Flag is considered a 'symbol of life threat' to most of Asian countries except Japan," one of the fans commented. "Hope you can learn Asia's history. With this flag, millions of peoples [were] murdered."

Considering all the facts, the video edit and the official apology from the group should be more than enough to cool everyone down and just enjoy the music and the new video. "The flag was removed. Now can you all STFU and enjoy the video?," said another YouTuber.

Prior to "Panic Station," the trio has released videos for "Supremacy" and "Follow Me,", with plans for the new album already well on their way.

Released in September 2012, "The 2nd Law" proved as the highest-charting Muse record on The Billboard 200 chart with 101,000 copies sold within the first week. The band is currently busy on the road with a string of concerts stretching well into mid-September.

Watch this totally mindblowing video in the player below.

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    Nobody complains when the Confederate flag or pictures of Stalin being put up for public display, yet fret over some Japanese war flag? Some people in Asia are still living in the past, I'm afraid. I'm an Asian (but I'm NOT a Japanese) and I don't see the Rising Sun flag as being offensive whatsoever. Sure it's a symbol of Japanese tyranny during the Second World War, but that's just the past. It's not as controversial as the German swastika, and a lot of musicians have the rising sun flag emblazoned on their guitars [Trivium's Matt Heafy, for example].Personally, I don't have any problems with it at all. We Asians need to grow up and maturate (is this even a word?) as a culture and as a society as a whole.
    I don't know where you're from but i've heard people complain about the confederate flag being flown all the time.
    Yeah because southern racism is still somewhat of a problem and some people still believe that "the south wil rise again". Same with the swastika, it has modern symbolism because of Neo-Nazis. But WWII is over and people in Japan are super anti-war, so I don't think you can put all of those flags in the same standard
    I don't know where you're from but as a New Yorker who moved down south, the number of non racists far, far outweigh the racists here, no one would take an argument seriously that a large number of people will believe the south will rise again. With that logic I can just say things like, there are some people who believe the world will end tomorrow, cause im sure there are a few that might, but that doesn't make it worth mentioning
    DId I ever assert that the south was mostly racist? Please read what I wrote, before you start assuming things that I never pointed out. Are there people in the south that are racist? Clearly. In Mississipi, the most republican state, 46% of the republicans stated that interracial marriage should be banned.That's a problem. Again, I'm not saying that the South is entirely racist. I'm saying that in the south, racism is a a legitimate problem.
    Gerard Way Jr
    I live in Texas; Confederate flags are everywhere - lots of McGraw-loving rednecks - and even here people find it offensive. Granted, imagery in a music video is a different animal than the flag itself, but for the record even in Texas people don't like seeing the Confederate flag.
    You need to work on your grammar.
    Gerard Way Jr
    I'm the last person in this thread who needs to work on grammar. I've earned college hours from testing well in English. so no
    Those college hours mean little as I was referring to your incorrect use of the semicolon. Please, don't come all holier than thou with me, you're no better than I or anyone one else on this site. Just because you live in America, doesn't give you the right to look down on people.
    Gerard Way Jr
    Considering 100 people took the test that earned me the credits and only 4 got the same score, I would say that they do matter. Where I live has nothing to do with it, nor does it motivate what I said. S: I don't even know where you got that. Again, did you make an account just to bitch me out? Because I don't see any other comments you've made and you registered today. I don't think I'm better than anyone else on the site. You were the one who called me out on grammar. No one else cares. You tell me who has the problem. Semicolon use was correct. The second sentence was extended. It's equivalent to me saying "I live in Texas; Confederate flags are everywhere." Semicolon links two statements. Incorrect use of comma, by the way.
    Thanks for the feedback. I would take it seriously if it wasn't completely sarcastic and condescending. I couldn't care less about your educational background, nobody has the right to talk down to me and condescend me the way you have. I made a suggestion, it's not exactly calling you out in fact it is you who has taken it out of context. The sentence that your semicolon is placed in is grammatically incorrect. Have a nice day.
    Mr. Blode your coming off as a huge douche burger. Jst becuz I type lik diz dosnt mean I talk or type lik dis in formal matters of reel lyfe. In other words, Mr. Way Jr doesn't have to type proper on a forum. I'm sure when he does his papers for college/Job Apps/formal things etc, he does it grammatically correct. Grammar Nazi's who assume things like that from people online need to check their ego at the door, and screw off. I bet Jr can school you in grammar in real life, like ya know not an informal website.
    Gerard Way Jr
    I'm not condescending anybody. In fact, you registered in order to condescend me. No hard feelings, alright? Calm down.
    Well said. Given that it's the main feature of the Japanese national flag and the video is set in Japan, I doubt they're using it for any reason other than to signify that.
    As they say "Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it." The idea that "this happened in the past, lets ignore it" is itself a very immature idea. Maybe people should try learning about what symbols mean before blatantly using them in an effort to look cool.
    Vicryl 2.0
    my grandfather's brother was killed by a japanese general after he tried helping the children of dead filipino soldiers pass across a bridge. adding injury to that, a rising sun flag was put on his house and anyone who removes the flag will be shot. It may not be offensive to you but there are allot still find it offensive. I dont hate Japanese, one of my closest friend is a japanese.
    Crazy Asians. God love 'em.
    Well, it's more or less an eastern equivalent to the swastika, so I can understand they got upset.
    Well, maybe, but by that logic, the Union Jack and Confederate flags should be equally as offensive and hurtful, shouldn't they?
    Not really, as the neither is associated with genocide. The Imperial War flag is not just a war flag after all, it was under that banner that the japanese exterminated other asians (mainly Chinese and Koreans) during WWII.
    yeah, good point. i mean, no one ever got pushed around under the confederate flag.....
    @TheBigDirty716: There were no instances of mass killing of another nation under the Confederate flag, which was Blargaha's point. Pay attention, man.
    And I hope you understand that genocide is slightly worse than "getting pushed around".
    I think "The Rape of Nanking" is classified as germicide perpetrated by the Japanese against the Chinese. But yeah.
    They also got upset when an MMA fighter (GSP) walked out with it on a headband not realizing what it meant.
    Sound like The Darkness playing P-Funk through the eyes of the Mighty Boosh. At least better than there recent Dubshit!
    motherf**king AWESOME!
    dat... BASS
    Aye. It's such a simple bassline, but a great one nonetheless.
    It sounds like they tried to simultaneously rip off Michael Jackson and the Chili Peppers. Typical Muse crap masquerading as "experimental" Second most overrated band of our time.
    comments like that show that they are obviously not overrated and are almost underrated, Matt Bellamy has more talent than most modern rock artists that are in the charts but hey let me know if you can come up with something better
    I was a casual fan of Muse in the past, but I haven't liked anything off of the latest album at all.