Muse Set for 20th Anniversary Tour

Matt Bellamy says their recent Tokyo show was just a rehearsal for an epic new tour to celebrate two decades together.

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Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has strongly hinted that the band will embark on a massive 20th anniversary tour next year.

The band, who formed in England in 1994, were asked by fans about a special gig they filmed in Tokyo, Japan this month.

Frontman Matt Bellamy replied with the teaser: "Hey, relax; that's was just a rehearsal for our 20 year anniversary tour!"

Drummer Dom Howard had previously said that the Tokyo show was the funniest gig Muse had ever performed, thanks to an unusual set of masked characters which surrounded his drum kit, according to NME. The show is expected to be released on video at some point in the future.

Hey, relax; that's was just a rehearsal for our 20 year anniversary tour!

Matt Bellamy (@MattBellamy) August 13, 2013

What do you think Muse should do to celebrate two decades of making great British rock? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    I know they were formed in '94, but since Showbiz came out in '99 it's really hard for me to think of them as being around 20 years already.
    Where was the 20th Anniversary Tour a few years ago for when Matt Bellamy first picked up a guitar?
    If that was rehearsal then I gotta make the show when they come to the Bay Area. That setlist was incredible.
    Am I the only one who struggles to believe that these guys have been around for almost two decades? They've been around for a fifth-of-a-century!
    Entire catalogue, start to finish, b-sides and all. Might take an entire day but it sounds like the perfect "festival" to me
    If they do something like play only their early songs, or play through Showbiz entirely I will be the first in line to get tickets for these shows.
    Well the last few gigs have seen stuff like Fury, Futurism, Agitated, Hyper Music, and Yes Please. If you're a fan of the old stuff it's almost certain these concerts will be full of old and rare songs.